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Wednesday morning we enjoyed a leisure breakfast and mate de coca on our balcony overlooking the Lake Titicaca.  Beatiful.  We shared travel stories with Minke and the others staying there with us.

We asked the hostel owners to set us up with a boat and captain to take us to shore.  Enter 'Javier'.  He arranged box lunches for us, and then gave us directions down the hillside to his boat waiting in the crisp blue water below.  He took a shortcut straight down.  We took the safe, tourist, meandering route.

After a thirty minute boat ride, and careful maneuvering by Javier to dock us, he set us ashore at a small pueblo called Sicuani.  Not really even a pueblo, but a communidad, Sicuani is on the mainland, so to speak, but on a peninsula jutting out into the lake.  Our intent was to then do a 10 mile hike along an old inca trail back to Copacabana ... where hopefully the rest of our belongings would be waiting for us at Hotel Gloria.

The hike was long, hot, dusty, and we (ok me especially) were feeling the effects of the altitude.  10 miles at sea level is easy.  At 13,000 or more, it´s brutal.  I packed 6 liters of water, and drank almost all of it myself.  (I know some of you gringos will have to go look up how much that is ... but it is a lot!!)

We made it back to Copa, and I was beat tired.  Griff, Melissa, and Chris still seemed to have steam left in them.  Impressive.

Highlight of the hike was Griff hiding in bushes waiting to take pictures of the local passersby (who do not like to have their picture taken without a propina or tip).  I guess Grif was tired of paying, so he was trying a new approach.

More later.  Need to log off before they charge me more Bolivianos for internet!!





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Tuesday morning we poked around Copacabana, and then took a 1pm boat to Isla del Sol, one of the largest of the 140 islands in Lake Titicaca.  We would spend the night on the island, and then return to Copacabana Wednesday via a different boat, plus 10 mile hike.

But first....we barely made the boat TO the Isla, because Griff and Melissa decided to do a last minute ascent of the hill overlooking Copa.  Chris and I stayed behind sipping Mate de Coca and waiting for the boat...only to see Griff and Melissa running down the hill with like 1 minute to spare.  But they and we made it. Off to Isla del Sol...

We arrived on the Isla, and thanks to a tip in the guidebook, we hiked through the first village (if you could really call it that) and pushed on up the mountain where there were another few hostels, with spectacular views to the West (sunset) and to the East (huge snowcapped mountains).  We spent the evening and next morning on our balcony enjoying the views, conversing with our fellow travellers (Minke from The Netherlands and others from Oregon), and taking short hikes along the ridgeline.   We took about 250 photos of the sunset.  Hopefully one or two will come out.

Oh, we also spent two hungry hours in a little restaurant waiting for our pizzas and spaghettis.  I am almost embarassed to admit thats what we ate.... beautiful island, highest lake in world, middle of bolivia...and we are eating pizza.  Jeez.









Lake Titicaca
photo by: NazfromOz