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Today, Friday, we drove with Victor to a couple of small pueblitos with local museums.

We also drove across the part of the salt flats that has an inch of water on top of it.  This creates an amazingly wierd effect.  The horizon virtually disappears and it looks like you are flying because the sky reflects so clearly in the calm, still water ahead.

At one point, Victor tried to roll down his window, but when he pushed the button, the window shattered!!  He was visibly concerned the company would blame him.  I assured him we would vouch that it was an accident.

We made our way to Volcano Tunupa, at the base of which we saw llamas and flamingos of all things!

As we headed back to Uyuni in the late afternoon, we almost made it when BAM! Our tire blew.  We had run over a large piece of metal which destroyed our tire.

Victor just hopped out though and fixed it in no time!  (He was an amazing worker...yesterday, after driving us around all day, fixing us lunch, and serving us dinner, he also went outside and did some brake work on the Landcruiser!  The guy never stops working!)

We made it safely back to Uyuni, bid farewell to Victor, downed a pizza and a beer, and then hopped our overnight bus back to La Paz.  Although it was the luxury tourist bus, it wasn´t that comfortable.  Narrow seats, inconsistent heating (usually too hot), and damn bumpy!!

But we struggled through and made it back to La Paz at 6am Saturday morning.   We rendezvoused with Griff and Melissa (coincidentally) at Posada de la Abuela for breakfast.  We had actually planned to meet up later in the day, but they were up early to head off on a day trip.  Thankfully there were both feeling a lot better. 

Chris and I ate, did some internet, and are now about to go nap for a few hours to catch up on our sleep.  We decided that the last 3 nights have seen a total of less than 15 hours sleep.


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photo by: razorriome