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I just experienced one of the longest 'days' ever. 

Beginning Saturday morning, my friends and I flew from San Francisco to Miami, then overnight from Miami to La Paz, and arrived in La Paz at 6am Sunday morning.  I was cramped on the plane so couldn´t sleep.  We checked into the hotel at 7am Sunday, had breakfast and took naps at noon, having been up for the last 24 hours. 

When I awoke, the altitude sickness hit.  A pounding headache and nausea.  I barfed, groaned, moaned, and slept for the next 18 hours.  Didn´t even get out of bed really until Monday morning when I finally started feeling better. 

My friends, fortunately, were feeling ok so they went out to dinner Sunday evening, experiencing LLAMA steaks for the first time ... tastes like salty pork, they said.  Better to eat llama than some of the skinned 'gophers' we saw for sale at the street market.  Griff tried to take a photo, but the woman seller started throwing weeds at him, saying 'No Photos'.

So by Monday morning, I was doing better.  Aspirin, cocoa tea, rest.  And just time. 

Monday morning we took a stroll through La Paz, including walking by the local 'carcel' or jail.  Rumor had it that 'unofficial' 'impromptu' tours of the prison were possible if you could befriend an inmate through the bars.  Security was pretty lax, by the way.  You could then get in as a 'visitor' of the inmate. 

So we went to the front and 'Sebastian' handed Chris a note asking for money, saying that he'd been busted for drug dealing.  Chris tried to negotiate for a tour, as exchange, but Sebastian said the tours were halted after some inmates surrounded a tour group and stabbed someone.  That was all we needed to hear.

So now we are heading off in a private car to even higher altitude at Copacabana.  Should be ok as I am feeling about 90 percent better now.  We will see....

So basically (to come back to theme of this thread) from noon on Saturday when our flight left SFO until Monday morning 8am when I started feeling better....that was the longest ¨day¨ ever. 

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La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009