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Today our plan is to make the trek back to La Paz

Chris and I spent a leisurely morning around the plaza in Sorata.... some internet, shopping, cafe, photos, etc.  Melissa and Griff didn´t get enough of a work out in yesterday´s 6 hour hike, so they took another 2 or 3 hour "stroll" this morning.  Wow, just typing this makes me tired.

We met at noon for lunch at our favorite place - Spider Bar Cafe - with our little waiter Javier.  He couldn´t be more than 12 years old, but man that guy works.  He practically runs the joint.

At 1pm, we said hasta lluego and met up with Octavio, who would drive us in his Subaru up to La Paz.  We piled in and set off on the 4 hour journey.  Pretty uneventful other than it rained along the way....which made it slow going.  Also, Octavio had to be the most conservative south america driver I have ever seen.

We got to La Paz and Hotel Rosario at 5pm.  Apparently, however, the reservations we made with Boris a week earlier had been "lost."  They didn't have any rooms for us.  But they did suggest checking with La Posada de la Abuela.  So we did, and not only did they have rooms, but it was arguably nicer than Rosario.  Score.

We settled in and then hit a place called Tucan Bistro.  Awesome.  Perhaps the best dinner yet... ensalada, pastas, mate de coca, garlic bread.  We then peaked in the rumored-to-be-good Ollivers Travels (an english-type pub across the street).  Chris and Griff braved a beer at the ultra high altitude. 

As for me, after my severe bout with altitude sickness this past week, I passed on the beer.  Yesterday, I actually started taking the prescription drug Diamox which is supposed to speed up the kidney's blood-cleansing activities and allow the body both to get more oxygen into blood and to get more carbon dioxide out of blood.  Something like that, anyway.  I also have been drinking even more water.  I was very fearful of getting worse again now that we are back in La Paz and potentially jeopardizing the mountain bike ride tomorrow.  So far, so good.  I mild headache upon arrival, but two cups of mate de coca at dinner and I am doing ok.

We hit the sack around 10pm, ready for our biggest adventure yet tomorrow....a mountain bike ride down the "worlds most dangerous road".....

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La Paz
photo by: wilfredoc2009