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I slept much better last night.  What a relief.  Except for a lingering cough, I felt like a new man.  No altitude sickness!

We had breakfast at the hotel, and then made our way to the airport in a taxi.  This time only 40 bolivianos.  Yesterday it was 80 up, and 60 down.  Wierdly inconsistent.

We got to the airport in time for our 10am flight to Rurrenabaque.  However, due to continued rain jeopardizing the grass runways at Rurrenabaque or alternate destination Reyes, our flight was delayed again.

So here we sit.  10am.  11am.  12pm.

We spent the morning brainstorming on different to different cities (Sucre, Santa Cruz, or even Cuzco or Lima, Peru), multi-day bus trips (to Potosi or Salar de Uyuni), or worst case, day trips from La Paz.

To help make us feel better, we gorged on Burger King for lunch. 

And then I stepped into this internet cafe....  at least today I´m spending my airport time in the internet cafe and not in the bathroom or sprawled out on the floor.

Another update from later in day: 

After another 2 hours and another couple of weather reports, our flight was cancelled.  Completely bummed, we taxied back down to the city of La Paz to huddle at Lunas Coffee and figure out next steps. 

Our choices:  fly to Santa Cruz in the morning for a bit of jungle; hire a driver to take us to Potosi (9 hours); hire a driver to take us to Uyuni and Salt Flats (10 hours).  We all had different preferences. 

We spent the next couple of hours running between two different tourist agencies and the coffee shop, getting prices and options, and trying to make a decision.  We finally settled on the Uyuni and Salt Flats.  Grif and I were bigger proponents, Chris mildly indifferent, and Melissa a good sport.

I went off to make arrangements at the agency Viacha Tours, but when I came back to Lunas Coffee, disaster struck.  Griff had taken Melissa to the Posada de la Abuela and checked her in.  She wasn´t feeling well at all.  They had to back out of the 3-day tour we just arranged.  There was no way, we all agreed, that Melissa could get in a car for a 10 hour overnight drive across the Bolivian Altiplano.  It was a stretch for even those of us feeling well!

We agreed that Chris and I would go ahead and head to Uyuni, since the trip was already booked and paid for.  And that we would meet Griff and Melissa back at the Posada on Saturday, hopefully with everyone feeling well enough for a last hoorah in La Paz Saturday night.

With that, Chris and I packed our things, and waited at Posada for Chito and Mauricio, our two drivers who would take us across the Altiplano in the dead of night...






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