Oct. 28th, 2007 – Cosmopolitan Hotel – 8am

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<!--[endif]-->I’m sitting at breakfast enjoying my very average breakfast when I see a waiter carrying a plate of pita bread to a table with four Arab men. When the waiter has almost reached their table, three feet away, he trips on the carpet and drops the plate of bread on the filthy carpet – blackened and frayed from probably two decades of use – and the waiter picks up the fallen pitas and places them back on the plate and continues to the jovial group enjoying their coffee, who saw what happened, and sets the plate on their table. Then men smile, β€œShukran.” The waiter smiles back and walks away. No problem. The men enjoy their bread and neither party thinks anything of it. What a country!

Oct. 28th, β€” Pyramids of Giza – 1pm

I’m sitting in front of the Pyramids. They are amazing! Too bad there are so many busloads of tourists, but other than that it is breathtaking. I am waiting for my friend Smiley to pay our entry fees and negotiate bringing a camera in. Video cameras are not allowed here for security reasons.

Oct. 28th, β€” Pottery CafΓ© – 8pm

Back at my favorite cafΓ©, I’m eating dinner and regrouping. I have school tomorrow and must do my homework, which I am finding hard to focus on after such an exhausting and exciting day. I got to experience the Pyramids all day in 90 degree weather! I rode a camel around and got to have a picnic lunch there. I took lots of photos and learned a lot of facts about the place, but of course just remember a few main things like:

  1. The Pyramid of Khufu is the largest in Giza.
  2. The pyramid is made from about 2.3 million limestone blocks that weigh about 2 tons each.
  3. Over the centuries, this limestone has been stripped away and used to build palaces and mosques, exposing the softer inner stones.

The coolest part of this trip was going inside on of the Pyramids. Although it was severely claustrophobic, it was an incredible feeling being inside such an ancient royal place. I meditated and just listened … waiting to hear messages from the gods … but nothing. ;0

I also saw the Sphinx, which has a woman’s head and a lion’s body. According to Greek legend, the Sphinx posed riddles to passers-by and killed anyone who was unable to solve them. The creature is known in Arabic as Abu al-Hol (Father of terror). They say the Sphinx, like everything else in Cairo is suffering from a lack of maintenance, that it has the equivalent of cancer because it is being eaten away from the inside. That is a shame because it is truly extraordinary.

Gotta study now … more later …

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