Oct. 21st – 4U Arabic School Main Area – 2pm

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I just finished my Arabic lesson for the day. I am using one of their computers to type. I only get a half hour before it will be needed for staff. I have been talking to the teachers here during my ten-minute-every hour breaks, and here are some of the things they’ve told me about Egyptians:

1. They do not want to move to the States or anywhere else. They are very proud. Some want to move to the States to make money and then eventually come back.

2. They are not jealous of us. They believe Allah gives them things that we don’t have and we have things that they don’t have.

3. They perceive American culture as shallow and lonely – not like here, where they are forced to live with each other for economic reasons. “Americans get their own places because they can afford it, which makes them lonely. Also, Americans have too many choices that effect their happiness. Here, there are few choices and everyone is practically the same.”

4. Family is everything! From their childhood they stick together and talk everyday. If a family member has to move for a job, they call home everyday.

5. Everyone is struggling and has at least two jobs in order to survive. The average person works 8 hours at their first job and another 5-6 at their second job, six days a week, for a total salary of $80.00 - $120.00 per MONTH, depending on the job. If they have a government job (which I’m told takes an initial $3000 bribe to get), they can get paid more and have more vacation time – two weeks per year (if you don’t work for the government you don’t get more than three days off per year or you will be fired, and there are many others waiting for your job).

More later. My internet time has expired.

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photo by: vulindlela