Nov. 8, 2007 β€” Tanzania β€” Ngare Sero Lodge β€” Common Living Room β€” 6:30pm

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Another day of blissful nothingness, enjoying the peace and solitude. I’m still winding down from the fabulous chaos and not so fabulous filth of Egypt. All day I just sat in the lush gardens and by the pool, took a leisurely hike around the lake, played with the dogs (my new best friends) and worked on my book. This place is so breathtaking! It is an old farm house that has been renovated into twelve charming bedrooms and a few common areas with a fire place, lots of candles, Turkish rugs and leather pillows for lounging. It would be a perfect place for a retreat. Stacia and I are working out the numbers for a retreat in mid-June of 2008. If it happens it will fill up fast, so start preparing! I can promise it will be a life changing trip.

As I’m writing these words, my view is of jacaranda trees (those beautiful purple flowers familiar to L.A. residents) framing the distant slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, which changes colors as the sun sets. Below Kilimanjaro a crystal clear lake glimmers, reflecting the huge trees dancing around it. Dogs are barking, crickets are talking to each other, birds are chirping, wood is being chopped with a hand axe, monkeys are cavorting in the trees, frogs are croaking, propaganda radio is blaring in the far distance. Now two big black birds have land on my deck and the male bird (I’m not a bird expert but I’m assuming it’s a male because it’s the bigger one) is trying to kill a big black buzzing bug by banging it again and again on the wooden deck. But the bug seems to have a strong will to live because it won’t even pretend to be dead, like some creatures I’ve seen.

The female bird gets frustrated with her husband’s failure and decides to take over! And she is pissed and means business. She takes the bug and bangs it and drops it, picks it up again, bangs its head on the wood – hard, and then drops it from her beak again. She does this about ten times until finally the black buzzing bug perishes. The male bird was apparently too sensitive to watch this brutal execution (or perhaps his male pride was wounded). He perched himself up on the railing and refused to look, pouting. But soon enough he joined her in the small feast and then, with full bellies, they happily flew away together. Whatever their differences they seemed to have patched them up without even the intervention of a Soul Blazer! Hmm. They do say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach …

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