Nov. 10, 2007 – Tanzania – Ngare Sero Lodge

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Before heading off to our Bush Safari Camp, Ash and I took Stacia’s yoga class this morning. There were about fifteen people in the class, and Stacia paired us all up. My partner was a woman in her early forties from Argentina who is a journalist for a documentary on the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR). Most of the people in the yoga class were involved with the Tribunal in one way or another – a journalist, a lawyer, a filmmaker, etc. They come here for yoga with Stacia on a regular basis while they work on the Tribunal.

In a nutshell, as I learn from my yoga partners, the Tribunal’s purpose is to investigate and prosecute the serious violations of humanitarian law (including genocide) that were committed in Rwanda between January and Decemner of 1994.

The U.N. Security Council subsequently created the ICTR and decided its seat would be located in Arusha (where I am), in the United Republic of Tanzania. From the Tribunal (2007):

β€œAs we mark the thirteenth anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda two messages should be paramount. First, never forget. Second, never stop working to prevent another genocide. … Our thoughts go to the victims – the more than 800,000 innocent people who lost their lives with terrifying speed. May they continue to rest in peace. Our thoughts go to the survivors. Their resilience continues to inspire us.”

This is pretty heavy stuff to be discussing before heading off on a photo safari. But that is what I love about travel – the constant dichotomies and the unpredictability of what you may on any given day be exposed to. Ash and I were invited to go the courthouse and observe the Tribunal in action for an afternoon.

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