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I love the music culture here in Argentina. Though I miss my country music from back home, I really enjoy the entire music scene here.

Obviously, there’s tango. Who doesn’t love tango? Even if you don’t enjoy that type of music or if you can’t understand what they’re talking about, you have to identify with the passionate dance, romantic atmosphere, or attractive dancers.

There is also flamenco, which is amazing! I had never seen flamenco dancing and I really didn’t know what to expect when we went to the wonderful tapas dinner and show last week. They blew me away with the Arabic-style music that was almost off beat but always right on time. I loved the clapping with the rhythm. Clapping isn’t used enough in songs! It’s God’s gift of music to us so we should put it into play. Then, of course, the stomping! How impressive. There are not enough words to describe the emotions coming from the audience to the dancer and back to the audience. They feel the music deep inside their souls and their body just runs with it. So beautiful!

With more popular trends, you have rock and roll. The younger population especially loves rock and roll. Not only do they listen to it, they live by it with their style of clothing, hair, and accessories. It’s a very interesting industry. I like the fact that they listen to rock and roll from all over the world.

Another important type of music in Argentina is jazz. I didn’t get a chance to visit a jazz club in Buenos Aires, but I have heard wonderful stories of the music and atmosphere. Jazz is a beautiful language no matter where you go in the world. It’s so easy to appreciate with instruments that really reach out to your heart.

Lastly there is opera. Granted, not a hugely popular style of music, but I was truly amazed at the amount of people at the opera that we went to on a Wednesday night. And to have such a grand theater here, it must be well respected and enjoyed.

One of the most interesting observations I have made on music in Argentina is the fact that they have so many music video channels. Not only do they have a good portion of channels, they watch them all the time! Everyday in the residencia during lunch they have the music video channel turned up for everyone to hear. There are conversations, but for the most part, people are watching the videos. This is just amazing to me. Music videos have really begun to decline in the United States. It’s rare to find a music video channel on regular cable. I’m glad that there is still a market to make music videos because it’s very important for the musician, especially with all of this illegal copyrighting. They have to earn their money somehow. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back to watching music videos and understanding the art behind them.

Another big part of music is the venue where it is played. In Buenos Aires, you have a wide variety. There are cafes that have music videos playing (except when the World Cup is on) all day. Some cafes have fun tango shows where they encourage you to dance with them and embarrass yourself. Other cafes have their own type of music playing, whether it’s American pop music or jazz. I personally love the dinner shows. They have all sorts of these from tango to flamenco to jazz. The food is always wonderful and relaxing and the music is a great way to pass an evening with friends. I’ll be sure to find more of these when I head back to Atlanta. Of course there are the big shows for a huge crowd of people. More expensive and less intimate, though still tastefully done. These can be anything from tango shows to concerts in stadiums. Then there is the opera and symphony at the theaters. Immense and breathtaking. Of course the theater is amazing and the music is spectacular, too.

With all these choices, there has to be a clear favorite. This really depends on the generation, though. As we saw in class, the older generations enjoy tango much more than the younger ones. This is probably because they grew up with it. I really think that the music you are brought up with will forever be set into your head as the “right” music. My parents, for instance, can’t appreciate any type of rap, hip-hop, or pop song. They’ll listen to it without complaining too much (unless the lyrics are degrading and inappropriate), but they will never be able to appreciate it. They enjoy the music that they had in their 20’s; the rock from the 70’s, the Beatles from the 60’s. Change is a great thing, but I don’t know if that phrase can be applied to music.

Another reason why generations like certain types of music is because of the lyrics. It’s what we identify with and can relate to. You can’t expect a 50-year old woman to understand the current dating scene or the fun of getting drunk and dancing all night. It’s just not the same in her mind compared to a person 20-years old.

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