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Now that we’re beginning to move into “Brazil mode” it’s been really interesting to start learning about Argentinean and Brazilian relations more in-depth. Before I came to South America, I had no clue what to expect about these countries. I knew there would be a lot of Spanish and a lot of meat. That’s it. Now that I’ve been here for almost a month, I have a much better aspect of Latin America, in particular Argentina.

Even before we started studying about Brazil, you could get a certain feel in the air, here in Argentina, for the dislike of Brazil. Ronaldo Helal gave a good presentation on his book that he is writing about the relationship between the countries, in the football aspect. His main statement was that “Argentineans hate to love Brazilians, and Brazilians love to hate Argentineans.” I talked to some people about this before Ronaldo’s lecture and I received a much different impression. From the people I talked with, they hated Brazil. Straight up disliked them. No respect at all! We were watching the news and a clip came on about how some Brazilians were rioting about not having enough land to live on and work on. One of the people I was sitting near was so angry, he started saying mean things in Spanish (I didn’t understand him). He went on for a few minutes in Spanish. Though I couldn’t understand him, you could definitely tell he wasn’t happy about whatever he was saying. My friend, who translated for me, said he basically hates all Brazilians. He literally wants to kill them all. Wow that’s pretty intense hatred!

Also, my translator friend was helping me with my brackets and I asked him if he thought Brazil was going to win the World Cup. He immediately said no. He said he does think that they are the best team, but politically, he thinks Fifa wants a European team to win. After lots of contemplation, he put Brazil and Germany in the final with Germany winning. He didn’t want Brazil in the final, but in the end he thought it was alright.

Another occurrence was mentioned in my previous individual blog about the man in the telecabina shop that was outraged that I had Brazil as winning the tournament. He was really mad! He was talking with some other people in the store and none of them wanted Brazil to win either.

I feel like Argentineans acknowledge the Brazilian style of soccer, but they by no means agree with it. Yes, it may be pretty, but my experience is that most Argentineans agree more with the Bilardo-style of play. They want to win, no matter what the cost. It’s perfectly fine if Maradona punches the ball into the goal. He scored, right? That’s what counts. It seems like Brazil plays more Menotti-style football. They have great foot skills and can do whatever they want with the ball and their body. It’s very beautiful and poetic.

Argentineans seem to be more serious people in general, but especially about their soccer. Whereas Brazilians are happy-go-lucky and very optimistic. I really think that both countries just hate each other equally. They are completely different in terms of culture and people. They are completely different with soccer. I think they are both fighting for rights to the best South American team and that battle will never end.

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