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Downtown Arequipa--A very pretty town

We caught our bus which was a little late but I was very impressed with it.  The chairs reclined and were very comfortable.  One big problem--I must have eaten or drank something because I had the cramps and diarrhea all night.  Felt terrible--I had brought antibiotics and started on them immediatly but was in the restroom at least 7 or 8 times(  Thank god there was a restroom) .  Luckly by the time we got to Areguipa I had started to feel better.  This was the only time I felt bad on the whole trip to Peru and the Galapagos Islands and the only thing I missed was one night on a bus. Can't complain.   Poor Ann got seasick at the Islands and then altitude sickness in Peru.

  When our bus driver unloaded the luggage and we all went to claim ours, two couples in our group had no luggage.

Laundry tubs in the Convent-fresh water ran down middle of tubs
  They had seen it come off the bus but between that time and when we could claim it it must have been stolen.  In both cases the luggage was brand new and looked expensive.  I really think one reason no one would take our luggage was we just had two old backpacks that have seen better days.  They never did get the luggage back but thanks to our tour leader really bugging the busline over a number of days they did get $300.00 per couple from them.  Everone loaned them some clothing and they bought some stuff-Luckly they had their camaras, all important papers, money, on them and were wearing their hiking boots and to there credit did not let it bother them too much and still had a great time on the trip.

  We just spent one day in Arequipa and spent most of it on a self guided tour of the Convent of Santa Catalina and a museum called Museo dela Universidad Catalica se Santa Catalina.


  First the convent:  Was almost a little city enclosed by walls--Had its own streets and numerous buildings.  Had signs in english so we could read the history of it as we walked through and signs would tell what each room was used for--Also had the clothing the Priest wore over the past 300 years or so which were quite elaborate especially to a non-catholic like me.  We found the convent very interesting and would recomend it to anyone who likes history.

  The other place we visited was the museum mentioned above.  The main attraction here was a mummy of a little girl who was sacrificed by the Inca priest probably 500 yeas ago up on the crest of Ampato Volcano.  Soon after her death the body was covered by snow-ice and was just found in 1955 after an erruption of the volcano.  The body was in an excellent state of preservation and it and two other bodies has given a lot of information on the clothing, health of the Incas since the liver,heart and other organs were so well preserved.  Her body is now kept in a glass refrigerated case -.  Do not know where her name came from but she is known as "Juanita, the Ice Maiden" 


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Downtown Arequipa--A very pretty t…
Downtown Arequipa--A very pretty …
Laundry tubs in the Convent-fresh …
Laundry tubs in the Convent-fresh…
streets of convent
streets of convent
Woodwork on doors of Convent
Woodwork on doors of Convent
Standing on roof of convent lookin…
Standing on roof of convent looki…
courtyard in Convent
courtyard in Convent
all of this are buildings in the c…
all of this are buildings in the …
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