What is dulce de leche?

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I´m not going to lie and I´m not going to try to hide the fact that I´m pretty much obsessed with food. Needless to say, one of the first things I noticed when I came to Argentina was, ¨Where´s the chocolate?¨ Among my obsessions with bread, tomatoes, and milk lies my horrible obsession with chocolate. How can anyone say no to it´s smooth, rich, creamy texture? I sure can´t. So enough of me being the fat kid and onto the actual point of this blog: what the heck is dulce de leche? After a little taste test, you find that it´s very similar to caramel. Now, in the United States caramel is looked down upon. It´s sticky, gooey, messy, and yellowy-orange. Not so pretty. Of course, chocolate is our favorite treat. Chocolate on ice cream, chocolate in milk, chocolate in cookies, chocolate sculptures. I think Americans can do basically anything with chocolate. Maybe even build a house… Caramel is very similar to it´s cousin, dulce de leche. The only big difference is milk, which dulce de leche is made with and caramel is not. This dulce de leche craze isn´t only in Argentina. It spreads through out all Latin American countries. So how can two continents be so different with their preferences of chocolate or dulce de leche? One word: coffee. We Americans enjoy our coffee to wake us up in the morning. A big cup topped off with some 2% milk and a pack or two of Sweet ´N Low. These Argentines like a tiny shot of espresso about 4 or 5 times a day! They are obsessed (their stomachs, however, not so much). The only reason why dulce de leche makes more sense in Latin American countries is because it tastes better with coffee. If these people love their coffee so much, their taste buds must be more accustomed to the taste, therefore enhancing the flavor of dulce de leche since they compliment each other. We Americans, on the other hand, must love our chocolate because it tastes good with milk. That is one thing that this country seriously lacks: straight up milk. They have plenty of cows! Why don´t they have an immense amount of milk? My only guess is that they´re using it all to make dulce de leche. It´s a shame… milk and chocolate �" God´s gift to mankind.
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