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The mullet is back! Again, I'm taken aback by this new Argentine hairstyle. I just might have to shoot myself if it spreads to the US... I've noticed that almost all men from the age of 13-30 have a mullet. It's a very interesting mullet, however. It's mostly short on the top and long only on the very bottom. The length ranges from an inch to possibly 6 inches. I definitely am definant of this hair style. The mullet should have never appeared in the first place back in the 80's (in the US). Now that it's coming back, I don't know what to think. What next, poodle skirts and top hats? You really never know... I think the girls hair is much more modern and urban. I actually like some of the girl's cuts. Their style is very long hair with very short layers usually beginning at the nap of the neck. The layers are usually very choppy. It definitely looks best if the girl has curly hair. Straight hair hangs flat at all lengths so you don't get the same effect of being thicker on top with long strands underneath. Where do these haircuts come from? Who decides what the next trend will be? I haven't noticed a very big presence of famous celebritys here like they are in the US. Not to mention, they listen to mostly American music, so that shows that they don't have many musicians from their country. I've also noticed that most of their movies come from the US. Therefore they probably don't have many moviestars. With all of these observations, I don't know what to conclude. I have no clue where they get these crazy ideas that mullets and short layers are coming back. One other thing I noticed is everyone follows the same exact style. There really is only one popular way for guys to cut their hair (mullet) and one way for girls (long hair, short layers). And of course, everyone has this cut. Not just the cool people and not just the pretty people, but mostly everyone in the younger age groups. Everything is so different down here!
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My first reflection blog is about the smoking situation here in Buenos Aires. I can not believe how prevalent it is. Outside of the US, I've only been to Canada and the Bahamas. This is my first experience with the "smoking culture" and I am truly appalled. Smoking obviously causes lung cancer and emphysema. It also has a hand in obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions. Smoking is bad for pregnant women, and I doubt that many women quit smoking just while they're pregnant. Smoking is incredibly bad for children breathing the second hand smoke, even though by the time they are 14 I'm sure they will have already begun smoking themselves. So even though it is very simple knowledge that smoking is very bad for everyone's health, it is still a popular and normal habit to have. Why? I don't have a clear answer to that question. I understand that it is a social norm. I understand that many people realize they will die anyway, so why not smoke and enjoy it? I understand that they grew up with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, sisters, and friends who all smoked. But don't the consequences outweigh the social benefits? Who wants to suffer and die from literally not being able to breathe? Who wants to deal with radiation therapy for lung cancer? Who wants to die of a stroke because the veins became too thin? Most of these deaths can be prevented by simply not smoking! I'll never understand this fatal trend.