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the big statue inside the great hall, where people throw money to

Ming is the last dynasty in China, and we visitied the tomb of the whole dynasty, not sure how many kings, maybe around 14. We started entering a gate, which lead to a big park and a hall in the middle of the park. In the park, there is a pathway made out of semen which was made special for the royal family who visitied their dead relatives long long time ago, or for the people carrying the coffin of the king.

The great hall now filled with several things digged from the grave. For example the jewelery of the queen and king, which usually burried together with them (as something they can use in their next life), the cloth they are wearing, etc. Behind this great wall, there is a tall monument, which is separated to the great hall with another park.

another place for people to throw money for blessing and good luck, this is on the park
In the middle, there is similar pathway to the one in the park in front of the great hall. The pathway has a gate, in which only dead people (inside the coffin) and the coffin carrier can pass through. Even as a tourist, you are not encouraged to go pass through this gate. If you do, you need to say "I'm coming" and need to go out from the same gate and say "I'm going". The tourist guide wasn't even dare to try passing through the gate.

After the gate, there is a big rock table and when I asked the guide "what is this?", she said "this was the place to kill 10 girls". Which made me raise my eyebrow, why they need to kill the girls. And she said "because the king has 1000 concubine and the first wife, when the king died, choose 10 of them to accompany the king to the life after death, and that was done by killing them". Huh...scarry. So not only they taking jewelery and gold, but also wifes.

Then we climbed to the monument, which basically the end of the tomb area can be visited by tourist. After the monument, there is a big wall around a large area, which where the kings of this dynasty was burried. The area of where the grave is secret as there are so many gold inside and it's going to be kept that way. Also, only the coffin carrier know where it is, and after they came back burrying the coffin, they usually got killed. From 14 graves, only several exact location was found and that was where the jewelery and stuff shown in the great hall coming from.

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the big statue inside the great ha…
the big statue inside the great h…
another place for people to throw …
another place for people to throw…
the gate
the gate
the roof of the hall
the roof of the hall
the monument
the monument
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