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The flight to Budapest leaves on time.  After waiting at the gate, we walk down some stairs and are bussed to a small two-propeller plane.  It is an Alenia ATR-72.  They’re manufactured in France, Italy (and some parts in Shaanxi, China) by Avions de Transport Regional.  I’ve also learned that it’s model from 1984, so I suppose • or at least hope! -  that the “tried and true” adage is appropriate here.

There are lots of sculptures in public areas all over the city.
  It’s loud and bumpy but we make it to Budapest quickly.  Not even enough time for a nap.


The airport in Budapest is new and modern, but surprisingly empty.  Going through passport control takes a while as well, the "other passports" line that I always have to use with my US passport is pretty slow here. I finally make it into the luggage collection area.  There’s an ATM right in the same room as the luggage carrousels so getting some Hungarian Florins is no problem at all.

Getting a Taxi at the Ferihegy International Airport is easy and straightforward.  The system they have set up there runs very well, you get a voucher for where you're going from the taxi company's booth right outside the terminal.  The prices are set in advance so there are no unpleasant surprises and you don't feel like you're being cheated.  Once you have your voucher, you are directed to a cab and are on your way.  It was great to get to the hotel and find that the amount I said I would be charged was exactly what I was charged! In this case it was 4100 Florins.

Check in at the Kempinsky Corvinus Hotel was quick.  The hotel is very close to Vaci Ut in Pest - very close to just about everything you might want to visit - either walking distance or quick tram or subway rides.  The hotel's architecture is modern yet the decor is classical.  This blend of classical furniture and plush carpeting with glass and steel is interesting.

The Chain Bridge
  The room is enormous and is just as comfortable as being at home.  After checking in I walked around the surrounding area - to Váci Street which is a nice shopping street with a lot of restaurants with plenty of buildings from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. I'm impressed by all of the statues and monuments everywhere.  Just about every street corner has some interesting statue or monument to look at.

The stroll was interesting.  There were surprisingly few people out on the street.  Ok, it was freezing, but that doesn't stop people in Warsaw!  I hadn't one more than two blocks when I was approached by two very good-looking women, probably in their early 20s.  They asked me directions to a bar and I answered - "I'm as lost as you are!"   They asked me to come with them and we could find a place to have a drink together...  I thought, wow, I must be looking good today!! Must be the dim Budapest street lights!  I noticed that a couple of guys were also following along with them.

View towards Buda from Pest
  Something seemed wrong about the whole thing, so I walked away.  They followed me, asked me to buy them a drink...  They were pretty insistent.  That's when I popped in to Mc.Donalds.  Later I was approached a few more times by women wanting me to take them for a drink and men wanting to show me to places where I could have a "good time."  Alas...  it's all about money...

It was late and I was hungry so I stayed at Mc.Ds for dinner - ok, this is embarrassing but it was cold and I was hungry.  I promise not to do it again tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to trying some Hungarian food.  I eventually walked over to the chain bridge which crosses the Danube to the Buda side of the city.  It's a spectacular bridge, really beautifully lit up at night.

On the way back towards the hotel I walked along a covered sidewalk.  A homeless person sleeping in a dark doorway made me jump as he reached out of the dark towards me as I walked by.  I didn't see that coming.

boxinbcn says:
I agree! There are some beautiful sculptures and artistic details on the bridges. I would like to take a tour on the river too, it must be a beautiful perspective of the city.
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
tvillingmarit says:
I like Budapest with its beautiful bridges. Had a tour at Dunau and had the oppertunity to se the bridges from "down under". Lots of nice detals.
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
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There are lots of sculptures in pu…
There are lots of sculptures in p…
The Chain Bridge
The Chain Bridge
View towards Buda from Pest
View towards Buda from Pest
photo by: Chokk