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I truly feel like I am about to step off a huge cliff and into an abyss I know nothing about. I have been living and teaching English in LIberia, Costa Rica since September of this year. I love Costa Rica, and I love the family I am living with. They have made me feel welcome and part of the family; my experiences here have been unique and irreplaceable. It had been my intention to stay here and teach for the next year, until December 2008, until now. I recently took an amazing trip to Nicaragua and met an incredible couple from Australia. That had been traveling for 10 months straight and had about a month left to go. Anyway after telling them about my current situation and decision that I am faced with (stay here and live with a great family, but teach in a school I don´t like, or move on) they have me convinced that there is just too much to see, and that life is just too short to spend a precious year of my travels making lesson plans for kids who don´t want to learn English and who don´t respect me. After hearing their stories about traveling the world, and Central America, they left me convinced that I needed to move on. And so by the end of the week I have to let my school know that I will be moving on.

My current goal or thinking is that I want to travel either from Peru to Guatamala or vica versa depending on where I can get an opportunity first.  I am currently looking into some opporutnites in Monteverde, Cusco, Nicaragua, and there is even a glimmer of an opportunity possibly awaiting me in Argentina to get me started.

Making this decision to travel alone like this for the next year is both exciting and terrifying. I don´t know what to expect, or exactly how to organize. I just know that it is what I want and I will make it happen. In the past, things have always worked out for the best when I have researched and planned. I am in this phase right now. I have until about December 24 to make a plan, and am aiming ot leave Costa Rica, or at least LIberia, by January 7th or so. If you have any advice, places that I cannot miss, job or volunteer opportunites, or anything that will help me maximize this adventure, please let me know! I want to hear it all!

I am curious about everything and some things that I would be interested in/willing to do either paid or as voluteer with accommodations are, teaching English to people of any age, working with a disabled children in various places, working on an organic farms- learning how to self sustain, working for national parks, working for hostals or guide companies, or doing anything that involves helping take care of the enviornment, or be outside as much as possible. My interests and capabilites are not limited to this and I am open to more things than I even know, so help if you can!


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