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By morning, it was still raining. Willia made us waffles and bacon for breakfast and we all ate at the long dinner table under a portrait of her dead great uncle. She told us about the time MTV used her house as a filming location for some show where a bunch of beautiful young people get sequestered in a haunted mansion, and they see who can last the longest. Since "Desert Plantation" didn't have that old Louisiana Francophone ring to it, MTV temporarily dubbed her house "LaGuerre Plantation". They also kicked her out for a week and sprinkled fake dust all over her nice floors.

The Desert Plantation more has "grounds" than a front yard, really, and they're really pretty. Willia uses the grounds for weddings on a regular basis, and it not hard to see why.

The draping Spanish moss, the tall oaks, the pallettes of greens and blues -- around every corner, there's something cool, if just a little creepy, to see.

Willia's Big Dog met me on the front porch. Big Dog was the nicest, most well behaved dog I've ever met. Poor thing was always outside while Little Dog got to stay in the house. He guided me silently off the front porch and around the grounds to each picturesque location -- a little pond with a lonely chair swing, a blue swimming pool and rusty waterslide, the white pillars of the outdoor wedding alter. Willia said that there's even a family graveyard somewhere in the woods, but it was too muddy to let us go find it.  

Overall, I really wish I lived in Willia's house (if Willia's house and grounds could be in San Francisco, of course).

Gorgeous antique furniture and majastic, slightly overgrown grounds -- MTV was right -- the place does look like an awesome haunted mansion. Just my cup of tea.

Even in the rain, I wanted to go check out Clark Creek Nature area, the place with 12 miles of trails past, like, 10 waterfalls. Due to the rain, we only got to go to one waterfall, about a mile or two in, but the place would have been so cool if it wasn't raining! The terrain goes down into a deep ravine, covered with leafy trees, blush with fall color. Every mile or half mile, there's something to see on the main trail -- a pretty bench swing, a little waterfall, or a swimming hole. There's also a primitive trail that leads you far into the forrest and around to meet up with the the main trail. And all with no one around you.

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Clark Creek
Clark Creek
Clark Creek
Clark Creek
photo by: thenewextrememimi