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We arrived in Phuket by overnight bus from Bangkok around 7am.  We had a short walk towards town and walked around looking for a hotel.  We were staying in Phuket town which is a small part of the island of Phuket.  The town had very few geusthouse options, there were only a few to pick from and most looked very run down.  One we wanted to stay at had no rooms available so we had to walk around to either wait or look for other options.  We ate some breakfast at a restaurant of rice soup, a local breakfast of thailand, but I didnt like it very much.  We also looked into booking a tour for the next day to see some of the sights in Phuket.  We were interested in kayaking around Phang Nga bay, an area around Phuket.  There were no good kayaking options, but we did see a full day tour we were interested in that would go there by boat and have guideds canoes around the islands.  We thought about doing that and checked some other places for prices.  In the end, we did book that tour for tomrow and paid 1400B ($35) for each for the tour. 

We went back to the hotel which had now opened up and got our room and showered, etc.    We went to get some lunch, Steve wasn't too hungry so he bought a big bunch of bananas from the street for 50 cents which he was happy about.  Except it was sad, because the bananas were not yet ripe so he couldn't eat them.  We also went to buy our bus tickets for the next day to leave Phuket and go to our next destination.  It took some time to figure out where we are going next.  Later I had lunch of fried rice.

Finally we were off to see the beaches in Phuket.  We first took a truck to Rawai beach which mostly just had a bunch of boats on it to take you to nearby islands.  We walked the beach and then decided to walk to the next beach over.  We had to walk on the street to get to th enext beach and ended up walking for much longer than expected.  By the time we arrived at the next beach at 4, the last bus would soon leave to get back to Phuket town.  We had about 10 minutes to glance at the beach and take pictures.  Then we got on the bus/truck to go back to our guesthouse.

We got back and I took a shower.  Then we were prett hungry so we ate some dinner at a local place and had pork with curry and shrimp with curry.  Then we tried to use the internet and found a place to write our updates, etc.  Along the way I also had some delicious fried dough type things.  Then we went back to our guesthouse and did lots of laundry since we were behind.  Then went to sleep.


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photo by: Aclay01