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Traditional Khmer dancing

Each day at the service project was much like the first day, following the same general schedule.  Steve and I got to know the kids a little better and understood the village better by the time we left on Saturday morning.  In the end, though we were dissapointed that we couldn't help out more to the village, we were grateful to have the experience of seeing this tiny village and how they live.  Today we left Chup Crocky however, since there was nothing more for us to do there.  We arranged to have motobikes take us somewhere where we can catch a bus to Siem Reap, the city close to view the famous Angkor temples in Cambodia. 

After breakfast with Antoine and Marc, we handed out some gifts to them and donations to the village of shoes and some clothes.  Then the motobikes to Steve and I back down the rocky, muddy dirt path that we came up on the first day.  This time it was not raining, thank goodness, so the ride was better but still rocky and muddy.  Once we got past the hard part of going downhill, it was still very bumpy and muddy on the dirt road leading away from the mountain the village was on.  We rode on the motos for a couple of hours until we came to a little town with a market.  The motobike drivers arranged a taxi for us who would take us the rest of the way to Siem Reap for US$10 each.  We had no idea how long it would take, but the motobike driver estimated about 100kilometres. 

We thought riding in the car would be easier than in the moto, but the car ride proved to be difficult as well.  It was all dirt path most of the way to Siem Reap and it was all bumpy and holes the whole way with the car bouncing up and down so much my head could touch the ceiling every few seconds.  I thought maybe there are no paved roads in all of Cambodia?  Finally once we were very close to Siem Reap, after bout 3 hours of dirt roads passing by fields of plantsin the car, we were on a real paved road! 

We arrived at Siem Reap which is basically a big tourist town filled with nothing but geusthouses and restaurants and hotels.  The driver of the car dropped us off at a real nice, fancy hotel in town, but of course Steve would have nothing to do with an overpriced fancy hotel.  Instead we walked around the area for a bit looking for a decent place to stay the night.  I wanted to stay someplace rather nice after a week of no toilets and no showers in Chup Crocky.  But in the end, we stayed at a little geusthouse that cost only US$7 total per night and had no airconditioning but a decent fan, and pretty clean. 

The first thing I did was take a shower, my first real shower in a week, I enjoyed it although the water smelled really funny and was cold.  Then we got some lunch after walking around the street looking for a restaurant.  Steve had a soup thing for lunch and I had fried chicken with cashew nuts and a delicious lychee fruit drink.  Then we went back to our room and laid there for a long time.  Steve was being unusually lazy, laying on the bed and watching TV for hours.  I did a bunch of laundry, washing by hand in the sink as we have been doing the whole trip and put up a laundry line in our room to hang the clothes on.  I also repacked our bags to organize our things better.   We also had some toilet troubles since the flushers in Asia never seem to work well.  This was not our first toilet disaster we've experienced this trip.  Steve says its just that toilets in Asia cannot handle what he dishes out...hee hee. 

So we laid in the room for awhile watching TV because there is nothing to do in Siem Reap and it was too late in the day to start a visit to Angkor Wat.   Finally around 7pm we went out to get some dinner.  We walked around to the main street in town and had dinner at a nice restaurant that offered free traditional khmer dancing shows during dinner.  The dancing was really nice and fun to watch.  After that we used the internet for awhile and then went to bed.


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Traditional Khmer dancing
Traditional Khmer dancing
Siem Reap
photo by: genetravelling