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Making Kimchi (spicy cabage that you put in a jar and traditionally bury undergound, served with every meal)

For breakfast today, we had some homemade sushi-type of thing but without the raw fish so rice, vegetables, crab, and regular meat wrapped in seaweed.  I've seen Arum's family have it and it was good.  We went to a travel agency to try to figure out the best way to get our Chinese visas again.  Apparently it takes 2 weeks at the embassy here so we have to use some service.  In the end, Arum's uncle is going to take care of the visa thing.  Throughout the day, the situation was everybody was speaking Korean and I would sit there trying to look good and Arum would occasionally quickly summarize the conversation for me.  Apparently my parents got a call from someone at Stanford who received our passports in the mail.  So it was delivered to the wrong address and I wrote the correct address down on the envelope despite what the post office wanted to accuse.

Huge traditional swing only for girls
  That was about a $600 mistake that the post office should take responsibility for.

We went to pick up Arum's cousin from elementary school so we walked through the school and it must have been recess or something becuse all of the kids were running around in the halls going crazy.  The little kids went crazy to see me because I'm a very tall white American.  A big crowd of kids formed around me and the brave ones spoke some of the few english phrases they knew.  It was quite the scene.  Arum says she saw little girls giggling and pushing each other towards me and says that I was like a big celebrity.  It was pretty intense.  Arum's aunt said the boy's popularity must have increased because of the event.

Anyway, we spent most of the day at the Korean Folk Village, which is this type of park you pay to enter that is set up like a traditional Koren village from old times.

Some traditional Korean game
  They have a lot of homes set up from centuries ago and show you how life was like back then.  It was neat seeing everything and almost all of the signs were also in English.  We saw an equestrian show where the riders did a lot of crazy stunts with the horses like jumping off the horse and getting back on, etc.  For lunch at the park, we all had some bee bim bop, which Arum has made for me and we had at a mall in Hawaii.  I impressed everyone by putting on a lot of the red pepper paste.

Next we went to a historical museum and saw some really old pots and other things.  We didn't spend too much time there though.  The next adventure was the grocery store but this was not just a grocery store.  It had three floors and a bunch of different departments and little shops like a super store.

Equestrian Feats
  On the way there, I told Arum I was hoping they had free samples but didn't know if they did that in Korea.  Let's just say they have 10 times as many free sample stations as Sam's Club on a weekend.  It was overwhelming.  There were sample stations on every little corner right next to each other.  The salespeople would constantly make eye contact with you and say stuff the whole time trying to promote whatever they had.  Of course, I didn't really know what any of the food was except for the banana sample.  If they do this in other countries, we won't need to purchase food just go to the grocery store and have 100 free samples.

We came back, Arum fell asleep and then we had some dinner.  It was fish and chicken and all of the standard Koren sides.

Provincial Government Office (Arum and cousin)
  Apparently different people kept calling and wanting to see us.  Arum's aunt decided what we are doing the rest of the time we are here.  Tonight is our last day here then we go stay with a Arum's great aunt or something for a night and then one of Arum's dad's friends for several days in Incheon.  I don't really know what the plan is but we have big plans apparently.

There was some debate over whether we should rent a Korean movie but in the end we didn't.  I was hoping to watch the World Cup but that wasn't possible.  Oh well, the US lost anyway and got eliminated.  Tommorow we are going to downtown Seoul.  Then late at night we are going back to Seoul to watch the World Cup match with thousands of crazy fans.  Very exciting.




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Making Kimchi (spicy cabage that y…
Making Kimchi (spicy cabage that …
Huge traditional swing only for gi…
Huge traditional swing only for g…
Some traditional Korean game
Some traditional Korean game
Equestrian Feats
Equestrian Feats
Provincial Government Office (Arum…
Provincial Government Office (Aru…
Seesaw Action
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Arum with Aunt and Grandma
Arum with Aunt and Grandma
Uncle, wife, and cousin at the Fol…
Uncle, wife, and cousin at the Fo…
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