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View of inside of Diamond Head Crater

This was our last full day on the island (hopefully) so we tried to do everything we had not done.  We went to McDonald's for breakfast and skipped on the local options that included Spam and Portugese ham but did go for the tarot pie, which was really good.  Then, we walked from Chloe's house to Diamond Head, which is an old volcanic formation with a ring of hills and a crater in the middle.  You walk into the crater by going through a tunnel that cuts through the rock.  All of the tourists hike up Diamond Head so while hiking you are constantly around other people.  A lot of the tourists were complaining about how hard it was to climb and how many steps there are.  The trail climbs up from the parking lot in the crater and goes through a number of switchbacks, a set of long regular stairs, a tunnel, and a long spiral staircase.

View from Diamond Head of Waikiki Beach
  Then, from the summit you can see inside the crater where you came from, the ocean, over the far side of the crater where Chloe lives, and all of the hotels on Waikiki Beach.  The view was really nice and the trademark Hawaiian breeze of any spot on a hill.  We took a bunch of pictures at the top while trying not to knock over people at the observation deck.

After walking down the trail and out of the crater, we took a bus to the big mall to transfer to the waterfall.  Unfortunately, the bus to the rain forest was taking too long so we had to give up to make sure we would pick up our passports on time.  We had some Korean bee bim bop at the mall and wlaked to downtown.

Spiral staircase at Diamond Head
  Picking up the passports was not a problem, and we found a post office to mail our documents home.

We were hoping to do Pearl Harbor but it was too late so we took a bus to Manoa Falls.  The whole area around the falls was in a valley between two green forested ridges that was filled with houses.  It was neat walking around the suburb area there.  The trail went through the rain forest so we got to see a whole bunch of big trees, ferns, etc as the trail went along the stream.  There were big patches of bamboo, which I tried to climb.  The actual waterfall was more of a waterslide down the rockface but it was very tall so that was impressive.  We also saw about a dozen roosters and chickens in an empty parking lot when we were leaving, which was surprising.

Big tree at Rainforest

We got unlucky with the timing of the bus so we had to wait for 45 minutes before going back to the mall for dinner.  Arum bought a new shirt to go with her new shoes so now the airline people can't make anything up about our dress for flying in business class.  We walked along Waikiki beach and went into some of the big fancy hotels.  Then Chloe picked us up and we went back.  In the morning tommorow, we try to fly to Seoul via Tokyo.

In other news, I haven't been able to watch the World Cup much while in Hawaii but I did watch half of the Korea/France match that ended in a tie.  Germany just played at 4am and won 3-0 so that is impressive.  I am really hoping we get to watch Korea's final match in the group stage in the big square in Seoul where thousands of people gather to cheer and go crazy.  I've seen it on CNN and on Korean tv here.  That would be a lot of fun.



sylviandavid says:
Very Positive writing! Good job! Sylvia
Posted on: Aug 30, 2007
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View of inside of Diamond Head Cra…
View of inside of Diamond Head Cr…
View from Diamond Head of Waikiki …
View from Diamond Head of Waikiki…
Spiral staircase at Diamond Head
Spiral staircase at Diamond Head
Big tree at Rainforest
Big tree at Rainforest
Climbing the bamboo like a monkey
Climbing the bamboo like a monkey
Manoa Falls (it goes up twice as f…
Manoa Falls (it goes up twice as …
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