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Today we had half a day in Chaing Mai.  For breakfast, we searched for a restaurant that I saw yesterday in the van.  It had fruit smoothies and milk shakes for 25 cents, which I thought was good enough to seek out.  We were the only ones in the restaurant, which scared Arum enough not to want to go there.  The food turned out really good and our banana and mango milk shakes were amazing!  We probably only paid $2 for our whole meal and got a big bottle of water for free.  There was only one person at the restaurant that served as our hostess, waitress, and cook though.

After breakfast, we went to the local market that we went to 2 days before to look for a mosquito net.  It took a little bit to find it and since nobody understood 'mosquito net' we had to resort to charrades to finally communicate.  We got a net big enough to cover a queen size bed for $3.  We went back to our hotel and later checked-out and had them hold our bags.  For lunch, I suggested we go back to the same place we went for breakfast since it was good and the lady was nice but Arum really didn't like the idea.  After not finding anywhere better, we went back for the 25 cent milk shakes and had another great meal.  This time we had two complimentary bottles of water to take and a plate of fresh fruit, what a deal!

After getting our bags, we took a 'taxi' which again was a converted back of a truck bed.  We got to the bus station and got on our bus at 2:40.  There was no bathroom on the bus but it stopped a couple of times while some people got on and off.  They showed 2 movies on the bus both were dubbed.  The 2nd one was 'Firewall,' which I saw on the plane over here so I translated it for Arum.  We took the bus to Buriram, Thailand near the Cambodian border.  It took all night and we got there at 4am the next day.  We slept ok with our neck pillows and eye masks.

Getting in at the bus station at 4 in the morning was the worst part.  We had to wait till 7 for the first bus to go to Prackon Chai (smaller town closer to the border).  That was a long wait and Arum laid down on the benches but I was up the whole time.  There were a bunch of guys in orange vests working at the bus station and they would all try to get people that arrive on the busses to take taxis.  They would run around when a bus arrived and also talk to people waiting for a bus in the morning and try to convince them to not wait.

Around 6am we had some breakfast across the street from the bus station and finally 7 came.  The bus to Prackon Chai was a crappy local bus and before long it was packed with people and a lot of school children in uniform.  The hour bus ride was not too comfortable since we had our big bags and there was no space with everyone on the bus.  We got to Prackon Chai at 8 and had to wait for someone to meet us at the bus station at 10.  After again waiting around someone approached us around 9:30.


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photo by: bluemarbletreader