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2 Big Boys (seen on the walk to cross the border)

We got off the overnight bus around 7am in some dinky border crossing town.  Without any Thai money, we had to walk to the border since the bus didn't stop right at the border.  It was only 2km and wasn't too bad even though we were carrying our big bags.  We walked across the border, filled out some forms, and had no problems with entering Malaysia.  In Malaysia, we didn't really know where to go.  After walking the wrong way due to a confusing sign and hard to find roads, we ended up in the middle of some town.  We got Malaysian money from an ATM and got on a bus to some other dinky city 20km away.  I bought some donut-like things for 10 cents each that were really good.  On thing that was obvious about this area of Malaysia is that it seems like everyone is Muslim, very different from Thailand.

Very slow local train

The bus took about half an hour and then we walked to the train station from the bus station.  We knew we wanted to take a train Southwest to end up going to a big national jungle.  After finding that they only had 2 express trains (morning and night) we decided to take a local train half the way to our destination, Jerintut.  We had to wait 3 hours for the train so we went to get food.  Every single restaurant here has all of the food sit out like at a buffet and is all cold and really old by the time you eat it.  Not my favorite way of having a restaurant, it was ok though.  We got some noodle soup and some rice with meat thing.  I walked around and found an internet place (50 cents per hour) that was next to a KFC while Arum waited at the train station.

Deforestation (piles of dirt where the forest used to be)

When our train finally came, we got some seats but they were the wrong way.  There were no fans or ac and the ventilation from the windows was slim.  Basically the train was a piece of junk, went really slow, and only had 3 small cars anyway.  We stopped at every little village along the way so it took forever.  The views were pretty neat since it is the 'Jungle Express.'  You could see a lot of the jungle, nearby rivers, and we went through several really dark tunnels.  Well 5.5 hours later (half an hour late since we sat at a stop for half an hour) we made it to the end of the line for that train, another small town.

We had 2 hours in this town and ate dinner, bought some food for the forest, and tried to call some hotel that could pick us up from the train station.  The next express train was really nice and fast so we were on that from 10-12:45 (20 minutes late).  We found some people going to the hotel we wanted to and got in the van and went to the hostel.  The hostel in Jerintut was ok and only cost $3.75 for both of us.

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2 Big Boys (seen on the walk to cr…
2 Big Boys (seen on the walk to c…
Very slow local train
Very slow local train
Deforestation (piles of dirt where…
Deforestation (piles of dirt wher…
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