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Dinner (Pig Brain and Crab Soup at bottom)

We had arranged for a bus to take us to Vietnam at 7am this morning.  We woke up around 6:40am and scrambled to get our things packed up.  Steve was still not feeling well this morning.  We got down and a van picked us up at 7am to take us to the actual place where we would get on the bus.  We waited around a bit for the bus to come and Steve was very certain he would throw up so we had to quickly get the barf bags we had saved from the plane in preparation.  We got the on the bus around 8am and left for the border.  The first part of the trip Steve was really not feeling well and thought he might throw up, but eventually he started to feel a little better and did not need the barf bags in the end, thank goodness! 

About 3 or 4 hours later, we were at the border.  Everyone from the bus got out and had lunch at a little restaurant, Steve didn't want to eat much yet but had some noodle soup and I had fried rice.  Then we had to walk across the border to get our passports stamped and such.  The Vietnam side we first walked in and these guys demanded $1 from us for filling out the arrival card for us even though we didn't ask them too.  Steve figured out this scam and refused to pay, so they just let us go on.  We got our passports stamped and entered Vietnam.  Then on the Vietnam side we had to get on new busses.  We waited a bit and then got on a new bus. 

It was about 2 more hours to get to Ho Chi Minh city from the border.  On the way, the bus guide tried to sell us his tourist packages from the tourist company the bus is from, and also sang us some Vietnam old village songs, which was entertaining. 

When we arrived in the city, we walked around a looked for a hotel.  This was annoying, because people kept harrassing us to stay at their hotel.  One lady followed us around for almost the whole time, telling us to go to the hotel she was recruiting for.  Finally after doing a lap around the streets, we picked a hotel that offered a fan room for $10. 

By that time it was late afternoon, so we decided we would have enough time to visit a nearby market.  We walked there and on the way stopped to get some water and dinner.  We had dinner next to the market at an outside restaurant.  Steve was still not feeling that well so he didn't want to eat much but still couldn't resist ordering a small bowl of pigs brain with crab meat just because it was unique.  I got some egg noodle soup with wontons.  It was all pretty good, and I also got a coconut to drink. 

Then we walked through the market but it was already starting to close up.  Everyone was taking the merchandise down so we just walked around a bit and probably will go back if we have time.  Then we walked back to our hotel room.  We watched some TV for awhile and took showers and did the laundry.  Then we used the internet and tried to get all caught up with the updates.  :)


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Dinner (Pig Brain and Crab Soup at…
Dinner (Pig Brain and Crab Soup a…