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Arum and Aunt on the day cruise

After we woke up from our nap after the soccer match, we had some assorted snacks such as rice cakes, chicken, and watermelon for breakfast.  Then we left with my relatives to go on a boat ride.  We were now in Inchon which is on the western coast of Korea and drove to a dock where boats were being boarded.  We got out of the car and waited around in a nearby police station which I thought was strange until I realized that the  father of the family (my relatives- dad's cousin) was also a police officer so he knew all of the police there.  Actually when the boat we were going to be on was boarding, the police escorted us aboard, so I think we were able to board this day cruise for free because of the connections.

Dancers on the day cruise
  The day cruise thing we were on was pretty funny.  As soon as we walked in along with tons of old people and other tourists, there was loud music and crazy dancing, mostly korean grandmas dancing up a storm, which was quite amusing to watch.  Then we walked around the boat and to the top deck.  My Aunt (Dad's sister, different Aunt than before) was also there because we had met her at the boat dock.  She was very excited to see me and made the trip out there from Seoul because she didn't want to wait any longer to see me.  She also has not seen me since I was 3 years old and is the only one of my Grandparents 6 children to live in Korea (the rest of my Aunts and Uncle on my Dad's side all live in America).
Captain Steve at the driver's seat on the control deck of the coast guard ship
  I showed her some pictures of the family I brought from home and it made her a little sad because of all her siblings and parents are living so far away and she has not seem them in a long time and has not met many of her nephews and nieces. 

So during the 2 hour day cruise around Inchon, we explored the different levels of the boat.  Aside from the top deck, there was also a middle deck with some crazy shows being performed.  Again this was very amusing, a dancing show with all caucasian performers doing funny different types of dances.  And a singing performance too.  We watched that for awhile and also venture back down to the bottom floor where the old people were dancing before.  Now it was even more amusing because there were also white young entertainers dancing in the crowd and on a platform.

Us with Arum's Aunt and distant Aunt on the hovercraft on the mud
  Steve and I were very entertained by the whole thing. 

(end of Arum's entry, start of Steve's)

After the day cruise, we went to have lunch at one of the many places where you sit on the floor.  It was some fish stew and of course the typical side items that accompany every meal.  I had some difficulty with removing the fish from the bone in the stew with my chop sticks.  I am ok with basic chop stick skills such as picking up food but advanced skills such as removing meat from the bone or serving large amounts of food are difficult.  It feels like I am the entertainment sometimes at meals because everybody watches me eat especially if they have finished and I am still eating.  Then being watched makes you more self-conscious.

Coast Guard hovercraft and the big ship in the background
  Everyone always seems very impressed and happy that I eat Korean food, like spicy food, and that I eat a lot.  Each time we are with a different group of people I have to impress them with my gastonomic skills.  Then after meals they say that they like me.

We had to hurry after lunch to go to our next boat.  It was a big coast guard boat.  We were escorted into the captain's room on the boat where we sat at the couches and were served rice cakes and of course more watermelon.  In typical fashion, we had no clue what was going on but could tell that we were the guests of honor.  Eventually Arum figured out that the lady we picked up earlier in the day was a friend and was the captain's wife.  Based on what we saw later, I guess it was a type of bring your family to work day.

Crab feast with Arum's cousin on the right
  They found us an officer that spoke English and he gave us the complete tour of the ship.  We saw basically every room in the ship, which was neat.  We came back to the captain's room and kept eating watermelon and rice cakes. 

After another plate of watermelon we left the boat and walked over to a coast guard hovercraft.  Our English speaking guide escorted us on the hovercraft also along with the other random people taking the touring.  They told us some details about the hovercraft and then took us on a half hour trip around the area that the day cruise went.  For most of the ride, it wasn't really any different than being on a regular boat until we went cruising over some mud.  They stopped the boat and everybody got out to stand on the top of the hovercraft in the middle of the muddy area.

After the hovercraft ride, we left and picked up Arum's cousin from a train station.  We all went back to the family's apartment and of course had some more watermelon.  Arum, her aunt, and cousin talked and I sat there.  Apparently Arum, her cousin, and sister played together when they were in Korea when they were all little kids.  Surprisingly, Arum's distant aunt brought that brought in a cooler pulled out a whole giant crab.  Together we ate 3 of the 4 big crabs and took a picture with the 4th.  After the crabs, we had some more watermelon.

Now it was time for the hand-off to our next hosts.  With Arum's aunt and cousin we took the Inchon subway to what seemed to be the big center square in Inchon.  After a little while, we found the next person we would stay with who was Arum's dad's best friend.  During the car ride to his apartment just outside Seoul, he and Arum talked a lot and Arum translated a couple stories about her dad.  Just as in every car here, there was a talking GPS with map mounted on the dashboard but this one could also be used as a tv so that was neat.  Once we got to the apartment, we were supposed to have dinner but since we just had crab as evidenced by our really smelly hands, we waited to eat.  The friend has a daughter our age that speaks very good English and we showed her vacation pictures so far.  For dinner, we had kimchi pancakes and some clear noodely stuff.

After everyone went to sleep, I started watching the Germany-Sweeden match at midnight.  Germany scored twice in the first 14 minutes so that was very exciting and there wasn't much to worry about for the rest of the match.  I was really tired since I didn't really sleep much last night so towards the end of the match it was hard to stay awake if nothing was happening.  Germany won 2-0 so they move on to the quarter finals.



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Arum and Aunt on the day cruise
Arum and Aunt on the day cruise
Dancers on the day cruise
Dancers on the day cruise
Captain Steve at the drivers seat…
Captain Steve at the driver's sea…
Us with Arums Aunt and distant Au…
Us with Arum's Aunt and distant A…
Coast Guard hovercraft and the big…
Coast Guard hovercraft and the bi…
Crab feast with Arums cousin on t…
Crab feast with Arum's cousin on …
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