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Making of armor at Korea National Museum

Today was Ji-heh's birthday, she is my Dad's friends daughter who has been so kindly showing us around recently.  She turned 22 today.  We were at my Aunt's house because we missed the last bus the night before.  So early in the morning my Aunt took us to the bus stop and we caught the 7:30am bus back towards the area where my Dad's friend lives.  It was important that we got back to their house fairly early because they were waiting for us to have a big birthday breakfast all together.  So the bus ride took about 1.5 hours and Ji-heh was there to pick us up and take us back to their house.  Once we got to their house, breakfast was all there and waiting to be eaten.  Steve said it was the biggest breakfast he has ever eaten! The entire table was covered with different korean dishes and it was all delicious and we were encouraged to eat a lot.

Soldier and Steve with MP3 Tour Guide at Korea National Museum

After breakfast we took showers and got ready to leave again.  Around noon we left for the subway to take us to the Korea national museum.  This museum was newly built and was really huge.  We saw the main exhibition hall which has 6 different galleries which we could not see all of it because it was too big.  The most interesting galleries to us were the archeological gallery with a bunch of stuff from a really long time ago, and the historical gallery which had some stuff about the development of the korean language and other things.  Ji-heh got us these headphones that give descriptions in English as you go around seeing the different items.  After awhile at the museum we went to the outside exhibition and glanced at it a bit but then left to take a taxi ride to a place where we would eat a late lunch.

Korea National Museum

We had lunch at a food court in a shopping plaza.  You could go around and look at the pictures and choose what you want.  Steve pointed at some random dish that he didn't really know what it was.  It turned out to be a spicy noodle dish with hot dogs and other veggies in it, which he really liked.  I got a noodle dish also but it turned out to be a little spicy which I did not like, and Ji-heh got a spicy cold noodle dish.  It was funny because we were having such a late lunch that we would be eating dinner in only 2 hours after lunch so me and Ji-heh did not eat much.  But of course Steve is saddened by so much uneaten food left on the table and so finished up his own plate as well as most of mine, even though we would be having dinner so soon.

Huge Korea National Museum
  Ji-heh was skeptical if Steve could eat dinner again so soon, but Steve had no worries about his ability to digest quickly and eat another huge meal. 

After lunch we went to buy some korean DVDs at my request.  I wanted to get some to take home and to show Steve.  Ji-heh helped us pick out some entertaining ones set in different time periods, and they all have english subtitles so Steve can watch them later and learn more about korean culture through the movies. 

We then left to ride the subway to the place where we were meeting Ji-heh's parents (my dad's friends) for dinner.  We were informed that we would be eating at an American restaurant tonight.  At 7pm we met the parents for dinner at a restaurant called VIPS which was sort of like a buffet combined with a steakhouse.

Lunch at the food court of 6 story megastore
  The buffet had some of your typical foods such as a taco bar, salads, bread rolls, spaghetti, etc.  But it also had some interesting items such as raw salmon, sweet french fries, kimchi fried rice, peanut butter, etc.  We all ate from the buffet and also split a rack of ribs from the menu.  Because it was Ji-heh's birthday she had flowers from her parents and the waiter took a picture of us and gave us a print to take home.  Ji-heh said she liked spaghetti better than kimchi so I geuss that is why we went to an american restaurant for dinner tonight.  Over dinner my dad's friend told some amusing stories about my dad and him growing up which was fun for me to hear.  They have been best friends since they were born and lived next door to each other.
Birthday Feast at VIPS

After dinner, we went back to the house.  Steve went to sleep a little after we got home at 9:30pm with the intention that he would wake up again at midnight to watch the soccer match.  But his alarm never went off or he ignored and actually slept until morning.  I was up for a bit and waiting as the whole family discussed for an hour or more what our plans for tomorrow would be.  Everyone has been super duper nice to us and going out of their way to help up since we've gotten here and we have not had to pay for a single thing while in Korea.  I'm really grateful and hope that we have been good guests so far.  At least everyone really likes Steve and daily compliments him for his incredible eating abilities and ability to eat all different types of foods. 


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Making of armor at Korea National …
Making of armor at Korea National…
Soldier and Steve with MP3 Tour Gu…
Soldier and Steve with MP3 Tour G…
Korea National Museum
Korea National Museum
Huge Korea National Museum
Huge Korea National Museum
Lunch at the food court of 6 story…
Lunch at the food court of 6 stor…
Birthday Feast at VIPS
Birthday Feast at VIPS
photo by: chiyeh