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We were headed back to Shanghai today from Suzhou.  In the morning we took a taxi to the train station and attempted to get tickets back to Shanghai.  However, it turned out that the next available train to Shanghai was not for another 3.5 hours, at 12:20.  So we walked around the area around the train station looking for some food.  First we had a breakfast of what tasted like a pizza crust and some bread thing, and then we had lunch a little bit later at a restaurant. 

Finally we got on our train back to Shanghai, it turned out it was an older train with no assigned seats because there were far more people on the train than there were seats.

View from East side of river of Colonial Shanghai
  There was also no air conditioning, so we had to stand on the train with the wind from the open windows with tons of other people.  Eventually when some people got off, we were able to sit down. 

Back in Shanghai, we went to look for a hotel.  We asked around a bit but it was much busier today because it was a weekend so we were not able to get the same price we did before at our last hotel.  We went to one place that said 300 Yuan, but decided to look around more, but when we went back to that place, the 300 yuan room was gone and now we had to pay 360 yuan.  Oh well, the room turned out to be super huge with tons of unessecary floor space and a good view of Nanjing Rd. 

It was also raining again in Shanghai so we got all wet as we walked around looking for a bakery to get a snack.

3rd Tallest Building in the World
  We wanted to find a ferry to the other side of the river, but couldn't find it so had to turn back.  We ended up taking the metro one stop to get to the other side.  Once there we took some pictures of the pearl tv tower up close and then went into a mall to look for food.  We picked a chinese restaurant to eat at after much debate.  It was ok, but they really rushed us because it was close to closing time. 

After that we went up the 3rd tallest building in the world, we only could go up to the 55th floor though and the view was a little clouded.  Then we walked around a bit more and took the subway back to our hotel. 

Sorry we're not able to update that often, its difficult to find internet places and takes a long time to write the updates and upload pictures.  But we will continue to try our best!


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View from East side of river of Co…
View from East side of river of C…
3rd Tallest Building in the World
3rd Tallest Building in the World
Big hotel room
Big hotel room
View from Hotel of Pedestrian Stre…
View from Hotel of Pedestrian Str…
photo by: spocklogic