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Khao San (backpacker street where our hotel was)

We were back in Bangkok for the 2nd time of our trip.  We were now familiar with the road our hotel was on as we were there before.  We slept in awhile because we had arrived so late last night from the airport, finally around 10 am we rolled out of bed and went out to get breakfast.  We found some breakfast of pad thai and fried rice from some outside food carts.  Also we had my favorite, fruit shakes, I had a longan shake and steve had coconut milk shake.  Then we went back to the hotel to pack up our stuff and check out. 

Then we had to go get our tickets for later that night to travel to Phuket by overnight bus.

Steve on the city bus
  We took a city bus to the bus terminal and bought our tickets which cost about US$10 each.  Next we took the bus back towards town and took another city bus to a shopping area called Siam square.  This is the nicest part of town with huge luxiurious shopping malls.  It was the first time we had been in a modern shopping centre in weeks!!  I enjoyed that.  We just walked around and ate lunch at a food court,  Steve ate some fried mussles thing and I had papaya salad and spring rolls.  Then we walked around the mall a bit, and also to another mall next door, which was next to another mall!  All the malls were really modern, just like the malls in the U.S. with a bunch of foreigners and foreign shops.  I was really craving some ice cream so bought some at a very high price for thailand but it was only a little ice cream.
Siam Square in Bangkok
  So later I also had this delicious crepe creation that had ice cream, whip cream and mandarin oranges in it, very delicious. 

Then we took the city bus back to our hotel, picked up our bags and left to wait for the bus to take us to the bus terminal.  It never came and we started to worry because we only had 45 minutes till our bus would leave.  So we finally hailed down a taxi, the first few didnt want to take us for some reason, but then a taxi took us to the bus terminal for 100baht (2.50).  We figured out why the other taxis didnt want to take us, the traffic was horrendous.  We sat in the same spot for at least 25 minutes without moving.  Miraculously we made it the the bus terminal at exactly 5:58pm and our bus left at 6pm!  We ran to the bus terminal and tried to find the correct bus forever, and made it on.  The bus was very nice and comfortable and they showed the American movies dubbed in thai, Casper meets Wendy and Chicken Little.  We watched the movies though we didnt understand the words, and then went to sleep eventually. 


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Khao San (backpacker street where …
Khao San (backpacker street where…
Steve on the city bus
Steve on the city bus
Siam Square in Bangkok
Siam Square in Bangkok
photo by: Deats