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The bunker is situated under this building

This old, unattractive building standing on the Chapaev Square of Samara city hid until 1990 one of the most important secrets of Soviet government.

In 1942, with German Army at the doors of Moscow, Samara (than Kuybishev) was named USSR (the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics) second capital and it would have become the capital city, had Moscow fallen down to the German Army.

a room in the bunker
Moscow eventually resisted, so Samara never became the capital city. But the great underground construction, known as Stalin's Bunker was built here. Soviet government with Stalin at the head was planed be moved into this bunker in case of Moscow defeat.
It was an important and top secret military object until 1990. The bunker is totally underground. Until 1990 the residents of the neighborhood didn't even suspect there is such a mighty construction under their homes. The bunker was built in nine months of 1942. It's still a question how they managed to build such a great bunker inside the city without having anyone know anything about it. The general opinion is that secret underground constructions (there are many of them in Samara) were made by convicts who were then executed.
In 1990 the bunker was turned into a museum, which was kind of sensation.
The bunker is about 40 meters deep (just to compare - the Hitler's bunker was only about 15 meters deep). Six hundred people were planed to be placed inside of the bunker. 
The bunker is an important historical heritage and you will have the feeling to smell the very essence of former Soviet Power here.
Stalin still has some cigars hidden down there ;)

carleyn1 says:
Nice, its always fun to read these kind of stories..:)
Posted on: Nov 14, 2007
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The bunker is situated under this …
The bunker is situated under this…
a room in the bunker
a room in the bunker
a room in the bunker
a room in the bunker
Iosif Stalin
Iosif Stalin
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