Now I know what boil in the bag rice feels like.

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On the boat on our first day of our Kakadu experience

After various disasters trying to actually do this damn tour it was comforting to be finally on it; the group only considered of 9 of us and our guide Simon. As per usual I seemed to strike gold with an international mix of a Belgian, an Italian, a Greek, a Scot and 3 Germans, and we all got along and had a blast..although a times I am sure that the rest of the guys struggled to understand Col's Scottish accent, and also mine and his p*ss-taking sense of humour....only those present will understand the cries of "Shark" or the use of the term Bum Shuffle and when the said Bum Shuffle can be they say you just had to be there.

Day 1 involved a too early 6.30am pick up and a substantial drive to our river cruise of the Mary River for a bit of David Bellamy action and croc spotting, the crocs were a nightmare to spot as they don't like the extreme heat and they only way you can tell where one is in the water is by the bubbles on the surface and its nose and eyes barely sticking above the surface.

After that it was time to pick up the required booze for the trip [i prefer to refer to it as a sleeping aid] as this would be our only stop...while visiting the station we noticed an interesting sign for a small area of the room called "Stiff Shit corner", Aussie's really do tell it like it is without mincing their words!

Our first hike and swim gave us a taste of Kakadu's beauty, green lush valleys and clear blue, streams, water-holes and plunge pools...after what seemed like a an eterninty where my body was subjected to a feeling akin to what it must be like toi be boil in the bag rice we got to the top of the falls (their name escapes me at the time of writing this). I'd like to say the water was cool and refreshing when we got in but it was kind of like a warm bath, but after the heat and humidity frankly anything was a welcome reprieve.
The Australian frankness never ceases to amuse me.
I had my clumsy hat on and before the words "be careful those rocks are slippy" could come out of Simons mouth I was flat on my ass, needless to say sitting down since has been a little painful, what a muppet.
At least though I've got a pretty cool photo my mate Col took for me showing me relaxing in the plunge pool at the edge of the falls, thank god there weren't any flash floods!

We camped out under the stars that night in swags (my favourite way to camp) and although the heat didn't seem to die down at least the flies went away at night. Sleep was in pretty short supply, between the heat and our guides snoring that sounded like some wild animal was in the bush, I had to turn my torch on several times to make sure some huge cat like creature wasn't out there. Thankfully it was just Simon snoring.

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On the boat on our first day of ou…
On the boat on our first day of o…
The Australian frankness never cea…
The Australian frankness never ce…
Yes, I am swimming on the edge of …
Yes, I am swimming on the edge of…
I dont need to be told twice...
I don't need to be told twice...
The rego of our jeep.
The 'rego' of our jeep.
One big-ass termite mound
One big-ass termite mound
Kakadu National Park
photo by: Biedjee