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I wish I could do that

Day three at Kakudu...
First Stop Aboriginal Culture Camp to visit one of the local tribes people who is also a ranger in the area, it was really interesting getting to learn more about bush foods, how they hunt and cook and some of the history. We also got to have a go at spear throwing and attempted to hit some cardboard cut outs of various animals that provided us with something to aim at. Things got a little competitive (no surprises there t those who know me) after I manged to spear a "wallaby" and the boys couldn't hit a cows bum with a banjo, after i hit my second "animal" of the day a magpie goose, the gloves were off and they started to try really hard to out do me...they failed miserably, in fact the harder they tried the worse they got, too funny.
After lunch we went to see the most amazing Aboriginal rock art which was far superior to anything I'd seen previously at Uluru, some of it looked as though it'd been painted yesterday.

Amazing cave paintings

We took our final swim of the day at a Billabong on the way back to Darwin and engaged in some Hawaii 5-O stylee canoe racing, the German guys were hillarious and managed to paddle in circles for most of their time in the water before we all decided to gang up on them and ram-raid their canoe to get them all back in the water. After 3-days of Croc warning signs at every Billabong we sent our guide in first to shouts of "shark!", needless to say we're all still alive!

After everything I owned stank to high heaven and feeling like I resembeled the littlest hobo in some ways I was glad I'd done the 3-day tour and not stayed out in the bush for 5-days, I don't think I could've taken another night of sweaty mosquito filled sleep, god knows how some of my friends have done 3-week tours roughing it, maybe I'm secretly a 'Flasbacker' not a real Backpacker? All I knew was that a shower and a real bed awaited and that was enough for me.
 It's been so go-go-go for the past 3-4 days, I'm starting to think I will need a 3 week break to get over a 3 week break.I had too easily forgotten how little sleep you get on these rough and ready trips plus the sleep deprevation I already had from staying in hostels plus the jet lag, sleep would be so good right now.

I have to say Kakadu though was nothing short of awesome and I can't believe that the weather held out on the whole even though we are starting to enter the wet season here. To cap off a fantastic trip we all went out to celebrate when we got back to Darwin, as is true of when most people off a tour see me all scrubbed up they didn't recognise the clean and preened version of me minus a baseball cap and with poker straight hair (well at least for 5 mins before Darwin's humidity took hold).

I know I've made four great friends who I know I'll see at least once in the next 12 months and had a great time, maybe that is what can be referred to as the silver lining to my previous trip cancellations?

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I wish I could do that
I wish I could do that
Amazing cave paintings
Amazing cave paintings
See ya later Kakadu, you were amaz…
See ya later Kakadu, you were ama…
Kakadu National Park
photo by: Biedjee