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Bits of Perth reminded me of home but I can't think why...

Once again I was back in my spiritual land of Oz, this time branching out into new territory on the West coast in Perth. The flight didn't feel as hellish as last time (note to self never go via LA again). I finally arrived at 4am in the morning (local time) and managed to share a cab into the city with a newly acquired American friend, Jordan, who as it turns out is from Iowa and weirdly looks like  one of my childhood friends except with ginger hair.

Perth by the way is lovely although hasn't stolen my heart in the same way that Melbourne and Adelaide did. As with all my visits to a new city I did my usual amble around taking architectural snapshots and getting my bearings.

I also had a bit of a nightmare as the trip I had booked whilst in the UK from Broome to Darwin has been cancelled any no one else does the route.

Wandering around Perth CBD
..after i finally stop hyper ventilating I went to the travel agent and had to book another flight to Darwin instead and an alternative trip around Kakudu national park, which to be fair I wanted to do anyway but didn't have the time or money to do both. I'm praying that my insuance company will refund my orginal flight otheriwse this trip really is going to kill me.

Anyway things got better after that (again more hyper ventilating about spending sh*t loads of cash) as I also booked a wine tour for Wednsday, a day trip up the coast on Thursday and also spoke to my friend's sister and I'm meeting her and her boyfriend for dinner either Wednesday or Thursday, always nice to see a place through the eyes of a local.

After my amble around the city I met up with Jordan and his friend for drinks and played some pool (god i had forgotten how much i suck at that game...especially after large glasses of red wine) and hopefully we'll get to hangout somemore before I head to Darwin.

First though before any more nights out I need to attend to my jet lag as we still haven't kissed and made up.

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Bits of Perth reminded me of home …
Bits of Perth reminded me of home…
Wandering around Perth CBD
Wandering around Perth CBD
This just tickled me.
This just tickled me.
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