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We arrived in Tokyo, via the shinshanksen (bullet train) which really did shift. Neogiating the tube got to much as Tokyo station is massive so we ended up getting a cab, although the cab driver didnt know where he was going. After much roaming about we arrived at our destination, dropped our bags and set out to see the sights. We were pleased as we spotted more westerners, albeit the (wanker banker types) and we managed to spot a restaurant with english translations within 10 mins of searching. Brill.

We have seriously getting through the cash, as hotels are really expensive here, even more than Kyoto. So tried to have a few meals on the cheap, we managed to have 2 bowls of ramen for £10 in one place. Then the lure of alcohol called and we bought a bottle of wine, however we made a mistake in converting it to £'s and what we thought was £10's was actually £35, the most expensive bottle of wine i have ever purchased. It was nice tho.

The main sights in Tokyo is the imperial place, unfortunately this is closed for all of the year apart from a few days. These few days were actually when we were in Kyoto. Also we got things the wrong way round with sumo wrestling, they only have 4 tounaments a year, and it was in Kyoto when we were in Tokyo. Oh well there was only one thing to do....hit the 2 largest department stores in the world, as i had spending credits from Dan's dij. I "needed" new shoes, as out of the 4 pairs of shoes i had taken, 2 pairs have fell apart, one pair is was hoping to break in, still hurt, so i am left with a pair of flip flops. However this task, was not as easy as  one would imagine, for 2 reasons:

1) a size 6 is a giant foot

2) Japan only sell shoes with bows on

So no luck im still padding round in flipflops in rain and wind, whilst everyone else is in boots, scarfs and gloves.

The best night out was definetly, going to the Cavern Club to see a cover band of the Beatles, it was great they done requests, me and dan chose a few; come together, my guitar gently weeps. They were hilarious they had trouble with L's and R's, they kept rolling them. The people in the audience were just as funny boping up and down and shitloads of air guitar. We managed to get our photo taken with them, it was great they didnt speak a word of english apart from the lyrics.

The sushi and ramen have been great here, however we and dan were fancting something spicy, so decided it was time to hunt down an Indian, we suceeded it was great to use a knife and fork again rather than chopsticks. Yesterday again we fell prey to the lure of normal food, dan had a burger and i had a philly cheese steak sandwich (it was good, but not as good as NY). Unfortunately we still havent sampled sake, tonight is our last night in Tokyo, so we are hoping to put that right. I forsee a travelling hangover.

Between the Indian and the burgers, we went to Ueno Zoo to see the pandas, however they werent out, so instead were surrounded by unruly Jap kids. However i learnt and interesting fact....Dan had never been to a zoo before, must have had a hard life as a child, or they dont have zoos in Wales? The zoo was not that great, some of the animals looked really distressed and in small pens, i would definetely not recommend it.

More snaps of Dan and Sarah and the sights, we are hoping in China our billy no mates status will change and we will meet some new people

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photo by: maka77