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After our tour of 3 east coast airports; Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney, all within 48 hours we finally arrived in Osaka. It was lucky we actually made the plane as our tickets didnt register, after much arguing the toss we managed to get our boarding pass, in the 30 mins before take off, we managed to buy fags, food and a new camera. (speed spending)

It was a 10 hour flight to Osaka, and after putting on my au natural flight socks, courtesy donation of Robs mum, i managed to avoid another bought of the "chankles" (chubby ankles). It was a real culture shock to land in Osaka, is was cold, dark and busy, very different from Fiji.

We only stayed one night in Osaka, as we had issues buying a bottle of water due to the language barrier, however it was better than i imagined, the fashion was great. One of the girls on the train had little trinkets and pendants hanging of each of her nails, it was hilarious when she opened a can of pop and she had to use a coin to open it. I imagine picking her nose must hurt.

The next day we moved onto Kyoto, and after roaming round the station for ages, the backpack was getting really heavy. I realised that maybe I had been foolish to pack 5 colourways of the same pair of shorts. When we got to Kyoto, we didnt realise that it was the biggest national Japanese holiday and all the cheap hotels were fully booked so we had to check into a business hotel, i was so gutted honest!. Once we had dropped the bags off, we headed out to get some food. Unfortunately the language barrier hit us again, however we found a place with an english menu. We were both pleased as they sold beer. My food was great, Dan however unwittingly came across a unknown Japanese delicacy, raw egg on noodles. End result, he had the shits for a day, so came the next challenge, getting some tablets. Dan had a bout of shyness, so it was up to me to get the point across in the pharmacy, which involved rubbing stomach, half squats and doing funnel movements underneath my bum. Hurrah success, we got what we needed. However i was gutted that once she understood, she actually knew the word for diarrorhea. After a quiet night, we were ready to hit the town again, although to play it safe we went to a ex-pat bar and he had pie and chips (to be on the safe side).

After this we started to experience the real Japan, the temples and shrines were amazing and this was the reason we came to Japan for. The food also massively improved, we sampled tempura, ramen and sushi. Bouyant on our new found understanding of everything Japanese, we spotted a Clash bar, i was super excited and was expecting to get wasted and start bopping to London's Calling, as i do when in a foreign country. However i was disappointed as it was some Japanese cover CD, so didnt quite hit the spot, however the gin was strong and we got drunk and passed out.

2 strange points to note -
 - Every toilet in Japan has an automatic can adjust water temperature and water pressure to your liking. Dan is a fan and spends many a hour in the bathroom.

 - You can smoke in pubs and clubs, but your not allowed to smoke in the street.

The pics.....
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photo by: ys484