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We arrived in Beijing to the extreme cold, i was wearing my shoes that are half a size to small, hobbling out of the airport in below feezing conditions, wearing not that many layers. Getting a taxi to the hostel was hilarious as the guy had no idea where he was going, and stopped at every hotel, shop and police officer he saw, still no joy, he was getting more and more irrate as the time went on. To make it more difficult he spoke no english, at one point he asked a couple of 7 year old girls, still no joy. Luckily we spotted a sign after roaming round for an hour. I think he was glad to get rid of us.

After our 11 days of solitary in Japan we were looking forward to meeting other people so we eagerly plonked ourselves in the communal area, but to our dismay everyone was to busy watching duece bigolo. So we played cards again.

On our first day in Beijing it was raining we went for a walk round and was amazed at how much construction there was around the city. For every building they were constructing 5 more. It will be a totally different place in 5 years. Unfortunately my lack of suitable clothing and the wet weather, bought on a bad cold so i had to spend a day in bed, dan went to the pharmacy to get me some flu tablets, whilst i was pining for beechams, he came back with some herbal stuff. Who knows what it was, ground bones and dried brains probably. They didnt really do the trick apart from the taste made me gag.

Once  I was better we went to Tianamen Square and the forbidden city, the square was smaller than expected but the city was amazing, we took loads of photos. We were being true tourists with our ear piece and box telling us all the facts. Although after a while we got a bit templed out and stasrted to skip the smaller ones and just go to the big ones.

The next day we went to the great wall, it had been snowing the day before, so the views were amazing. The trip we chose was either a 10km or 4km walk. When we got on the coach everyone was kitted out in proper hiking gear, we thought we had come prepared as we bought some gloves. We were the only people that didnt do the 10km, but with my shoes i glad we didnt and just put with the looks of "god their so lazy". We had 2 mongolian farmers help us up there, which we were actually glad of, we were shitting it a little towards the top as the steps were really crooked and steep. But then we got to the top and were trying to sell us overpriced tat. Climbing the wall was definetely the best experience for me yet. I think dan just thought it was cold.

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