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The plane to Fiji was horrendous, i done my usual trick of getting pissed the night before traveling and was sick on the plane (which is a new accomplishment for my hungover traveling stories)

Me and Dan were both happy when we got to Fiji and it wasnt pissing it down, as the weather forecast had suggested for the wholetime of our trip. We landed in Nadi, which has nothing there but a cool looking temple.

We went for a look round on the first day and got ripped off, went into a village craft store owned by true "fijians", not indians, one traveller had compared Nadi to Calcutta. We were handed bowls of cava, i saw it coming when they started to give us " free" necklaces, i had a dolphin and dan had a sharks tooth, apparently its manly, they looked really dodgy, but hey ho we pocketed them for a bargain $10, unlike others we met on the island who were less lucky.

After that we hopped onto the boat sharpish, first stop beachcomber, all the islands are tiny you can walk round them in 30mins, although we never quite made it. One of the nights in Fiji there was a crab race, dan put 10 bucks on Japan to win (as it was the next place we were going to) and 30 bucks on wales to win, of course wales lost but Japan came 2nd and we won 150 bucks, by this point we had got chatting to some people from Doncaster as you do when you are the other side of the world, and it was champagne all round (or cheap fizz, as it is known in the UK).  Rather than put it towards Dan covering the £300 pound he had spunked on his dijereedoo in Oz. After this and many rounds of tequila, wine, gin and beer we were both quite hammered, and passed out sharpish. I got up in the middle of the night to pee, little did i realise in my drunken stuppor that dan had already got up and been sick all over the toilet and not bothered to clean it up. No wonder the toliet seat was wet, it was not until the next morning i realised. Although dan was very apologetic the next morning, i had a toastie bought to my bed with fresh OJ and 2 annadin extra (any other time i have a hangover he has no sympathy).

The next stop was Mantra-Ray, which had less of the creature comforts of Beachcomber, but Dan wanted to stay in a traditional Fijian hut, so to be nice i suffered the communal toilets and showers (it must be love). However on arrival we realised it wasnt that traditional, more of a porta kabin on stilts, with compost toilets and outdoor cold showers. As most people know i have a severe aversion to spiders and the like so dan had to escort me into the shower and be on bug watch whilst i hosed myself down. Although i surprised myself i didnt mind it that much in the end, and the company we were in definetely made up for it.  The last night in mantra ray was cracking the photos on facebook show it better than we can describe.  We also met some characters there was Beatrice from Germany, who looked like Cock Nose from Bo-selecta, who came and plonked herself between us, as soon as she left, the pisstaking started. A guy from the US who had a corkscrew perm, all 6 of us were having conversations with his hairline trying to decide whether it was a wig or not.

Me and Dan made a fuck up on the penultimate day, we got to the airport a day early, i felt a right dick when i realised our error, but at least we got to spend one more night in Fji, although we were too embarrassed to go back to the same hostel so we had to find a new one.

Overall Fiji was amazing, the people were extremely friendly, i would definitely come back without a doubt

The snaps are on the below link:
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