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Halway through the million miles trail. Still smiling.

The Americans might have been really paranoid during world war II to build this insane trail.  Diamond head was used as a lookout for invaders.  It's elevated, goes up to the summit of the ridge, the cemented walkway ended after after 10 minutes into it (20 minutes to go).  Ok it may seem that I'm just being very maarte (prissy) but you know what, I AM.  My body can survive the rigours of the urban jungle so the slightest change in environment makes my sweat glands work overtime and my tainted lungs work like hell.  While going up, we saw a very old lady probably in her 80s, taking her time to go down the trail.  And we were ashamed of ourselves.  By the time I reached the summit, I looked like I got ran over by elephants, and the frizziness of the hair did not help at all.

One of the Diamond Head's magnificent tunnels

Toffee, who was at the tail end of our trail, made an 8-yr-old-like shriek when he saw the 1000-long flight of stairs after the end of the walkway.  We rested for a bit and of course took pictures of ourselves (we love ourselves sooo much).  The tunnel after the stairs were perfect for catwalks so of course we didn't pass up that opportunity.  Then we went up these spiral staircase leading up to a lookout post then going up a little more and then *tadah!!! Waikiki!  The view was all worth the walking and the bitching and complaining.  It was spectacular!  A must see to first time Oahu travellers.  It  really gives you a beautiful snapshot of the island.  Caution:  Do not wear a cap at the summit as it will fly away and never to be seen again.

Diamond Head point of view

That feeling was short-lived though as we have to make our descent right away.  The park closes at 6pm and it was 530p and we were still at the top.  So we have to walk faster than usual.  It rained a bit but that wasn't bad at all.   And you can tell we were in good spirits as we started to sing our favorite Tagalog songs by Vina Morales and Sharon Cuneta.  Yup we're that corny.

So that was the end of day 1 in Oahu.  As you can see in the photo, I still have that nasty Farmer's tan but that'll go away by day 3.  We were dead tired as our body was still in LA time (+3 hours).  Me and Darwin did end up going on a popular gay nightclub, Angles but no one was there except for a couple of gay retirees and a conservative stripper (he stripped after 4 songs.

Nice group shot to end day 1
  In LA you only need half a song to strip it all down).  A run-in with Bisayas that night was kinda funny.  They didn't know I speak that dialect.  Here's how it went:

3 Bisaya girls walking past the club:  Uy, mga bayot (with a very very condascending tone)...(TRANSLATION:  Look!  Fags!)

Ben (smoking, and think, IRRITATED TONE):  Unsa man ug bayot ha!?!  Na'ay problema!?! (TRANSLATION:  So what if we're all gays huh?  Do you have a problem with that!?!)

The 3 Bisaya girls scurred past us, shocked and stumped.

That shut them up.  Hehe.  Love it. 

Day 1 Oahu is out.  Peace.  Choz.



arlene0725 says:
You guys are like the travelling 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy' but the pinoy version. Funny. Cool you shut up the 3 bisayan gals - tell them you're the bigger 'Beyach' than them. aloha, Arlene
Posted on: Nov 07, 2007
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Halway through the million miles t…
Halway through the million miles …
One of the Diamond Heads magnific…
One of the Diamond Head's magnifi…
Diamond Head point of view
Diamond Head point of view
Nice group shot to end day 1
Nice group shot to end day 1
Spectacular Waikiki scenery with T…
Spectacular Waikiki scenery with …
Excellent view from our room
Excellent view from our room
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