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We're just a flyaway, just a flyaway...

Finally, after weeks of preparation, we are actually on our way to LAX.  This trip is finally becoming a reality and I still could not believe it up until then.  My good friends, Eric and Toffee picked me up at my apartment and met up with our friend Darwin at the FlyAway station in Van Nuys.  I would truly highly recommend FlyAway, it's cheap ($4) and gets you there on time,  well considering that we were there as early as 6am.  After checking-in (with a group of Chinese tourists sneaking in front of us, which is more amusing than irritating), we were finally on our way to the airplane.

It has been 6 years since I last boarded on an airplane and I can say I have a slight airplane phobia ever since that horrendously bumpy ride from Cebu to Manila.

Darwin and me smiling, about to land
It was never the same after that.  I tried thinking happy thoughts and remembered what Superman said that, statistically, flying is the safest from of travel.  I also read somewhere that the riskiest part of flying is take-off and the landing so I figured after the take-off part I'm safe until the landing time.  Then I remembered a flight somewhere in Taiwan where mid-air the airplane body split into two and everyone froze to their death.  So yes, happy thoughts are kinda hard if you're paranoid by heart.  But I was ready and armed myself with multitudes of distractions:  book, korean soap, in-flight tv that would hopefully make me fall asleep.  That kinda worked but not entirely.  But with God's grace, after 5 hours, we touched down Honolulu!  Woohoo!

Honolulu made me remembered Philippines and how much I miss the place.  Sigh. 

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Were just a flyaway, just a flyaw…
We're just a flyaway, just a flya…
Darwin and me smiling, about to la…
Darwin and me smiling, about to l…
Eric and his own turf
Eric and his own turf
Me and my turf
Me and my turf
Toffee and his own turf
Toffee and his own turf