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Arriving at 4pm on Friday 2nd November in NYC, we cleared customs in quick time, leaving us with 3 hours until we had to be back to the a connecting flight. It was an added bonus that we had managed to get out to the city instead of killing time at the airport.

We hit dowtown NYC about an hour later, and as soon as Id left the subway, I was engulfed in skyscrapers. We saw the Chrysler, iceskaters at the Rockerfeller Center, 5th Avenue and Times Square.

10 pm, a few hours later, we waited to board our flight.... It had been delayed. American Airlines were hoping to get a standby crew and fly us out at 8am the following day. An hour later, no news. I could see a fraught fellow passenger making calls, and I started to worry. An hour later, they said they would put us up in a hotel but were struggling to find one, given that it was the New York marathon that weekend. Worse news followed.... The flight had been completely cancelled, no explanation given.

I started to realise that we could be delayed for 24 hours given that American Airlines only fly out of NYC to BA once a day. My concerns were realised when I was told that flight was full for the saturday so we couldnt get on that!

At 1am, 3 hours after we were supposed to take off, we were told we were getting put on a TAM airliner to Sao Paulo in Brazil at 8am, where we could catch a connecting flight to BA.

Finding a shop doorway, we got our sleeping bags out and settled for the night, trying to keep our spirits up and making light of the situation.

After many a strange stare, some cold tea and a bacon bagel, we found ourselves sat still on a TAM airliner on a JFK runway waiting and waiting.

We waited for 3 hours. A girl on the plane next to me started telling me that there was a hurricane due to hit New York shortly, and that TAM airlines had the most appalling safety record. I thought Sarah was going to punch her!!! At 11am, we hit the skies, headed for Brazil, a country not on our planned itinery!

10 hours later, pretty frazzled, we stepped off the plane in Sao Paulo.

I knew something was wrong when I saw a histerical girl shouting spanish at a member of staff. Nothing could surprise me at this point, and I had a gut instinct that we would not be going to Argentina that night.

I was right! The connecting flight to BA in Sao Paulo had not waited for us so we were to stay in a hotel for the night. I was so tired, I was glad that I could sleep horizontally for once but was deeply disappointed that we were missing a weekend in Buenos Aires.

We found ourselves in a taxi with a Brazilian who had missed his flight, and an english girl, Sarah who had found herself in the same situation. The cab driver was a driving like a lunatic, and I was holding on for dear life, in the middle at the back without a seatbelt, wondering how quickly it was that events in your life can become out of your control!

5 hours later, we were back at the airport, waiting to clear security with our bags, for what it felt like was the 15th time! This plane was 2 hours late to take off.

We finally arrived in Buenos Aires, 51 hours after leaving London, amazed that we had actually made it!



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