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Today was Big Buddha day.  The car ride was over 45 minutes (by the way, everything seems to be 45 to 90 minutes away from either our hotel or the airport!).

We arrived at the spot for Great Buddha. It is a very, very large carving in the side of a mountain next to where 2 rivers meet. The pictures below explain the enormity of it.

After walking up the mountain on the back side to see the Big Buddha, we walked down the front to the feet.  It was very hot and muggy and I couldn’t drink enough water.  After we got down to the feet, I wasn’t looking forward to climbing the 100s of steps to get back to the main gate.

MH noticed that the map had another area of statues. Since our entrance fee included this area, we decided to check it out.  It was about a half mile, small dirt path to this large area of statues. The first statue was on top near the path but all the rest were down some stairs (in this case some means 100s).  I wasn’t looking forward to it, but the only way to take pictures was to go down the stairs.  We got the pictures and then of course we had to climb the stairs back up.  Can you say calf work out? We eventually made it back to the front gate where our taxi driver was waiting to take us to Mt. Emei.

Okay, we didn’t really know what the heck Mt Emei was. We were just told that is was basically a sacred mountain that everyone visited to enjoy the piece and serenity. When we arrived the taxi driver told us he would give us 4 hours to walk around. We were already burnt out from the Big Buddha, but we said okay. He gave us his cell phone just in case. We walked up to the tourist information building and reviewed the map of the paths. We decided to take a path up the first gondola.  After about 30 minutes of walking up hill, we decided we didn’t need that much serenity and called the taxi driver back and left.  Just in case you ever go to Chengdu, I recommend the Big Buddha, not Mt Emei.

We took the taxi back to the hotel. It was a two hour ride.  Unfortunately the taxi started to sputter when we got into town and died. We got out and took another taxi the remaining 10 minutes back to the hotel.

That night we took another taxi to a place down town that the concierge recommended. We walked up and down a street looking for a place to eat. We went into a couple of busy places, but when we looked at the menus, we can tell the food was not for us. Unless of course you are into whole frogs or miscellaneous cow or sheep guts? No thanks. We saw a bunch of white tourist going into a restaurant and we thought that might be the best place to eat. We had a good meal.  Unfortunately it was very busy on that street and to get a taxi was impossible. We walked a couple of miles or more down the street towards the hotel and someone beat us to a taxi twice. We started to get beat walking and we were getting desperate to find a taxi. Luckily someone jumped out of one and I ran and jumped in before someone else did. I heard a loud “NOOOOO” from behind me but too late - the cab was ours! That ended another long day in Chengdu.
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photo by: spocklogic