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Today we had most of the day in Yangshuo. We reserved 2 bikes to ride down town and check out the sights.  It is a small town that lives on the tourist that come down the Li River on the boats.  The boats come from the town of Guilin, about a 4 hour ride, and drop off the tourist at one end of town and they all walk through town and shop. We didn’t see much to buy, mostly the same old stuff in all of the towns. We did go down to the Buffalo Bar where the owner is the owner of the Li River Retreat. We got a cool drink and rested from the heat and humidity. Since we had to check out early, we went back and packed and then went back down town for a long leisurely lunch. We had to leave at 5:00 PM for the 2 hour ride back to the airport.

After the long taxi ride, we got to the airport and had to go through customs. When you are in mainland China, when you go to Hong Kong, it is an international flight. Even though China controls Hong Kong since 1997, they still treat it like a separate country. The mosquitoes in the airport were terrible. I think I got more bites there than in all of China.  The plane left slightly late, as usual, and it took about an hour and half to land at Hong Kong International Airport.  Since we got in late at night, it wasn’t that crowded. Luckily there is a manned information booth for the best way to our Hotel in Kowloon. We took a 45 minute train ride to a central station where hopped in a taxi for the 15 more minutes to our hotel, The Nathan.  It was a nice hotel with a large living room. We were happy that our last hotel in China was nice and the fact that we had 3 nights there.
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