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The gang in front of Moni Megalou. Jill, me Charlene

Not sure that that's actually the location it didn't recognise Kalambaka or Kastraki. The next day sore and very stiff we were up at 7 and heading back up to the town. That was the last time we camped all trip. We had to get three buses to get to Kalambaka. The strangest moment was in Larissa which was the second stop I think. We were sitting in a cafe and these policemen were sitting neext to us singing, laughing, joking with police car a few meters away with the door open. Given that I live in Belfast where the police drive around in armoured landrovers and riot gear is almost the norm it was very strange. We drove for the best part of the day up through amaing scenery and finally got to Kalambaka.

A tower in Moni Megalou. These aren't my photos as my camera screwed up.
Jill went off to find us a room for the night and came back on the back of a moped. Turned out it was the owner's of the hotel we were staying in but anyway. So we drove off quite fun for Charlene seeing as how she was in a skirt.

The ext day bright and early we were on the bus headed up to the largest monstry Moni Megalou. It was very impressive. Lots of exhibits about how the monks live etc though we had a shock when we looked in a door and there was rows of skulls on shelves. Standing in the empty museum my hand straed towards one of the display cases. Suddenly this eerie chanting music began. We nearly had a heart attack. We also successfully managed to lose Jill who then gave me a whistle to blow if we got seperated. I misplaced it for the rest of the holiday.They then wanted to walk down into Kalambaka.

A monastry not sure which
I had no energy so went to Moni Vaarlam I think then got on the bus to go back to Kalambaka. Monni Vaarlam wasn't as impressive as Moni Megalou I didn't stay too long.

I got on the bus and bought the ticket. Soon enough the conductor who didn't speak english came over and started talking to me. When I realised I was seeing the wrong part of the rock I had missed my stop. I got off at the next stop and asked where I was. Turned out I was 15km from meteora and the next bus was comng now 200 meters up the road. So full sprint up the road in a skirt I arrived at the bus stop just as the bus was arriving. Got off in Kalambaka and went and got dinner in the main square when Charlene and Jill arrived. Turns out they had wlked for ages trying to find the path, failed and hitched a ride back with a French couple. So we had all got hopelessly lost.

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The gang in front of Moni Megalou.…
The gang in front of Moni Megalou…
A tower in Moni Megalou. These are…
A tower in Moni Megalou. These ar…
A monastry not sure which
A monastry not sure which
An illegal photo of the dining roo…
An illegal photo of the dining ro…
Our over friendly hotel owner
Our over friendly hotel owner
photo by: pipsi