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Our dinner one night. Freshly caught octopus

We got off the ferry at 6am and went to get tickets for our next stop. It was a toss up between Spetses and Hydra. As you can see Hydra won mostly because of the snorkelling which I had never done and wanted to try. We took the catamaran I think over to Hydra. It was absolutly beautiful. The guidebook says you'll love Hydra purely because there's no mechanised transport and I agree. Especially good is that there's no kamikaze motorbikes the way there is in the rest of Greece. I loved the town with the old buildings and lovely harbour. Charlene and Jill headed off to find accomodation while I kept an eye on the bags. They found this lovely hotel just off the harbour which we instantly fell in love with. Very nice owners etc. We spent the rest of the day exploring the backstreets to try and escape from the tourist hell otherwise known as the harbour.

The mules that are the only transport around the island
We found this lovely little restaurant which did good food for really cheap so we ate there every night rather than the overpriced restaurants at the harbour.

The next day we rented snorkels in the afternoon and took off for Bistay Bay. It was a very choppy 30 mins to get there in a speed boat but that's the fun of it. We were straight out snorkelling. Well me and Charlene were. We saw lots of fish. There was huge shoals of tiny blue fish that we also saw in Hania, starfish etc. Charlene then managed to persuade Jil to go out with my snorkel though as she's scared of deep water she didn't go out too far. Still had fun though. We went back on the last boat exhausted.

The next day we took kayaks out to explore the little caves etc off the beach that we'd seen the day before.

Us by the harbour.
Again Jill didn't go out. I don't get this. I liked her before the trip but now she's just annoying. It was fun cause I'd never tried it before either so spent the first while going around in circles. Although I had sunscreen on my legs it washed off and my legs were actually blistered by the end of the day which was scary. I went back because I ate lying on a beach and that was what they were planning to do so I spent the day looking around Hydra. Jill was going to take a photo of me in the speedboat with just the two men who ran it and send it to my parents with a caption saying "last seen". They would have enjoyed that really. Charlene and Jill then went out in a double canoe.

The next day we pretty must just sat around waiting for our Flying Dolphin back to Athens as our flights were in two days.

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Our dinner one night. Freshly caug…
Our dinner one night. Freshly cau…
The mules that are the only transp…
The mules that are the only trans…
Us by the harbour.
Us by the harbour.
photo by: nickywal2006