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A Greek orthodox priest at the bus station with a chopping board.

After an early start we found the bus station and settled down for a 3 hour bus ride up through the mountains to the centre of Ancient Greece, Delphi. Home to the powerful Delphic Oracle that basically ran Ancient Greece. The scenery on the way up was beautiful, esy to see why the Greeks chose this as the site for the oracle. Jill even managed to find another Jehovah's Witness, her and Charlene are Jehovah's Witnesses. The woman sitting beside her was one.

We got there and left our bags at the museum rather than walk the 1.5km to the campsite with our heavy rucksacks and back. We first went around to see the Sanctuary of Athena which is the image of Delphi. the Goddess of Wisdom on top of many other things Athena was worshipped here along with Apollo.

The sanctuary of Athena
It was pretty impressive as was the stadium where the Pythian (another name for Apollo apparently) games similar to the Olympic games were held. The starting blocks were still there we resisted the urge to have a race. It's the best preserved stadium in Greece.

We then headed up to the main sanctuary where the oracle was located. It's in a pretty bad condition but worth it to see where the infamous oracle once stood. Heading back down we had a look around the museum before collecting our bags.The amount of treasure that was found here is unbelievable. I don't normally like museums but this one was too impressive to not see it.

The campground was luckily downhill but we have to walk it tomorrow all uphill with the bags. Pitched the tent ate and lay down on the most uncomfortable ground inmaginable even with the camping mats.

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A Greek orthodox priest at the bus…
A Greek orthodox priest at the bu…
The sanctuary of Athena
The sanctuary of Athena
Another photo of the snactuary of …
Another photo of the snactuary of…
The sanctuary from above. I didnt…
The sanctuary from above. I didn'…
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