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Well the majority of this entry is set in Athens anyway. We arrived in Athens in the afternoon. Jill wanted us to take a bus to the outskirts of the town then walk to a youth hostel that might not even have beds. We rebelled and walked off looking for a hotel in the near vicinity. Funnily enough there was a nice cheap one nearby. We ditched our bags and spent th rest of the time looking around this bit of Athens. We thought we were quite a bit away from our first hotel so imagine our surprise when we walked around the orner and there was the church we'd got so lost looking for on our second night. Turned out we were 5 mins away from our original hotel.The next morning after an apology from Jill we headed off to the Acheological Museum. I don't normally like museums I prefer seeing the buildings etc instead but I had to see this one. It was amazing. There was so much information about Ancient Greece etc. I was also excited about seeing the death mask they originally thought was Agemmemnon's. Turned out it wasn't but still I wanted to see it being an Homer Freak. It was just a hammered piece of gold nothing too exciting. But still the museum was good. I particularly liked the statue of Aphrodite beating Pan over the head with her slipper cause he was hitting on her. It was a really good museum and I don't normally say that.

Next day was our flights out of Greece. We were running late already when we managed to get on the wrong metro. One goes the whole way to the airport and one stops the stop before the airport. Guess what one we got on. Anyway we just about made check in and settled down for the 3 hour flight to London. We then had a 4 hour stopover with the new Harry Potter book all around us which we couldn't buy because my sister had already bought us copies which were waiting for us in Belfast. We were one of the first to check in and were soon on our way home. On the plus side I did get Charlene to read a bit of the first Wheel of Time book which she became nstantly addicted to the second she read the description of Ishmael.

Side note when you save photos from a camera label them. Cause I haven't and I have over 200 hundred photos to try and sort through and find the right one now I've got to go through the same thing with the Italy blog.

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photo by: Johnpro