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Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand
Where to begin?  It all started when my wife talked me into going to a fancy ball.   Fancy balls involve dresses and Tuxedos, so I dragged out my old tuxedo from my wedding and tried it on.  It didn't fit... not even close.  Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you get married and turn thirty.

In any case, the tuxedo issue and the general Thai dysmorphia about weight, I have decided that I needed to loose some inches.  Before moving to Thailand I used to run, but since I got here I haven't been running much.  The sidewalks are more like a mountain hike than a nice run.  Combine that with the serious pollution and the oppressive heat, and you really don't have much incentive to run.

But!  I had to get out there.  So, on the advise of a friend, I headed out to Lumpini park after work.  The park is well designed for runners.  There is a 2.5 Kilometer loop of paved road that circles the park that is marked every 100 meters so you can keep track of your distance.   There are vendors near every entrance with water for sale, and bathrooms with bag checks at the major entrances. 

The best time to run Lumpini is in the early morning or in the evening before it closes at 20:30 to avoid the heat.  There is a lumpini park stop on the subway system, but no easy way to get there on the skytrain.  There is a great elevated walkway that runs from Queen Sirikit park to Lumpini, or you can take the ubiquitous taxis.

So, I ran.  I only made it around one lap, but I walked another lap.  Fortunately, the cabs in bangkok smell so bad that they don't take notice of a sweaty runner heading home.  It seems odd to take a cab home from running in the park, but if that is what it takes to get me to my Thai size, then I suppose I should get over it.
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Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand
Lumpini Park, Bangkok, Thailand
photo by: Deats