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My three year assignment here in Bangkok will be coming to an end this August, and I am starting to think about all of the things that need to get done before I pack out!  One of the things I realized is that I need to write more about this city that I have lived in for so long!  Kat asked me to write about some off the beaten path stuff too, so I'll write some about the bars, restaurants, and shopping that I have come to love in this place.  I'll make a quick list here of stuff and maybe add some more in depth reviews later....

Ad Makers:  A local bar with great live music after 9:30 PM.   It is common to buy a bottle of alchohol and have your name put on it when you leave so you can finish it next time.  - Soi Langsuan

Cheap Charlies:  Another bar just sort of sticking out of the side of a building.  Remember to move your chair when cars come down the alley!  50B beer makes this place the cheapest in town.  All expat customers though.   Off Soi 11 on the left.

MBK - a better known mall, off of the national stadium sky train exit.  I go there for camera supplies because there is a great camera shop on the third floor near the tokyu and a Nikon dealer.  Also the best place in town for cell phones.  one whole floor is filled.  Always crowded.

Vertigo - located on the roof of the Banyan Tree hotel, this posh restaurant features outdoor seating with a view of bangkok from 60 stories up.   Expensive.  There is a bar if you just want to have a drink as well.

Boat Tour - we love this little boat trip, it goes up the chao praya and stops at several Wats and a nice little orchid farm.  lots of traditional teak houses along the way and local sights.   I don't know how you would set this up off hand, but I'll research it.

Byoke Tower - a cheap way to get up in a tall building and see the city.  A buffet dinner is served near the roof, or you can just but a ticket to go look.

Pantip Plaza - The best computer bazaar in the city, I end up here any time I need hard drives, memory cards, wireless routers,  printer supplies, you name it.  This is the place you would take your ps2 to get the chips changed.   very crowded, lots of guys trying to sell you music, software, porn.  but, a great place to get picture of monks looking at laptops.   Petburi road,  Ratchatewi station is the closest stop.

Q-bar - loud dance music.  Soi 11

Bed Supper club - ultra ritzy, sit on a bed and have dinner.  Expensive, good dance club.  you will feel twice as cool just walking in the place.

Nefferitis -  Located in little arabia, this place is popular for those that like to smoke Shisha and eat arabian food.   Women are allowed, which is a nice bonus.

Coyotes - the most authentic mexican food and free margaritas for ladies on wed.  Best mexican food this side of the prime meridian.  Soi Convent

Venus Jewelry - the only place in Bangkok I trust for jewelry, and very very good prices.  Wireless road.  they'll pick you up and drop you off if you call ahead.

Central Loft -  a food court with a dozen different kitchens serving international food.   Very high quality and something for everyone.   Serves mango sticky rice year round!

Tamarind Cafe  and Fstop -  this little vegitarian cafe is the home of the F Stop photo gallery.  Rotating shows, not usually crowded, and great food!   I am fairly partial to this place because they pick nice photography and they serve vegitarian food.

Curries and More -  not cheap, but great curry!  Soi Ruam Rudee

that's all I can think of!  If you have any specialty requests, drop me a note and I'll think of something.


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photo by: Deats