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The time to move home came more quickly than I imagined.  Looking through these blog entries, I really feel I should have been able to write more about the city that I have lived in for the past three years.  However, as of 6 August, my Bangkok adventure has come to an end. 

I hope that I will be able to write more about my new home in Washington DC, and that I will be living overseas again soon.  For anyone that wants advice about Bangkok, please feel free to write me! I would love to share my memories and tips.

It is so odd to return to the US.  All of the Thai Language that I speak has now become completely useless.  Where I was once an 'expat' living the exciting life overseas, I am now just another American watching crappy CNN and eating giant meals.  Geez!  Americans have gotten so fat since I left!

Still, the things that make travel great don't always have to do going somewhere.  I believe that life is the journey, and I hope to look at my time living back in the states as another adventure in travel.  I will try to live my life here in DC as though I was traveling here, and keep updating travbuddy with info about my new home town.

So, it's off to see family in Cleveland and San Diego for a bit, and then back to work.  Although this blog has ended, an new blog about life in DC is starting soon!
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