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On New Years Eve Bangkok was initiated into the international club of terror victims.   I'll let you read all of the gory details on the news.  We were at dinner when the phone calls started coming in, and it seemed a little like a rehash of that day five years ago when I was still living in DC.

But, it wasn't a rehash of that day.  The bombs turned out to be relatively small, except for the several individuals who were too close to the event.   The current theory is that supporters of the recently deposed prime minister planted the bombs as some kind of political statement.   In a practical sense, the bombings probably saved more people from alchohol poisoning than were killed and maimed by the very explosions.  That wan't their goal though, the goal was to remind us all of those other bombs, and make us fear the unseen enemies.

I don't think Thailand will be different after these bombings.  I don't think you are at any greater risk if you do come here.  I do know that I won't be going to Kao San road, but mostly because I don't really like the area, and less so because it is the biggest target for foreign tourists in Bangkok.   The biggest reason I travel is because in understanding the world, you get in touch with your own humanity.  Humanity means mortality.  Unless I am willing to risk my mortality,  I will never gain wisdom.  Truth is, I probably wouldn't have much fun either :)
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photo by: rintjez